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Even the most insightful person will easily discover the narcissistic qualities of his conversation partner. These 15 characters that will give you a narcist will be easily discovered.

He should at least brag a little or add some pathos to his speech.

At the same time, fully consistent with the saying about the eyeball, it is extremely easy not to notice any signs of narcissism behind you. 

We have compiled a 15-character checklist that, as a litmus test, helps determine if this is the best person to talk to or not everything is so bad.

1. You like to tell others what to do. 

Narcissists often only take leading positions due to the fact that they must constantly strengthen their influence on others. And there is nothing wrong with that if professional qualities are not inferior to narcissism.

2. You are a showman. 

A narcissistic monk is just as weird as Kanye West’s modest behaviour on stage, so if you have a public appeal, there is probably something to think about.

3. You do not like the manifestation of your own emotions in public. 

If the narcissist became emotionally addicted and became vulnerable in the presence of others, he would quickly look for changes in the subject of the conversation because the manifestation of not colouring the appearance of feelings was unpleasant to them, says Craig Malkin, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School.

4. You are a young man. 

After conducting around 35,000 interviews with a wide range of people, scientists discovered that narcissism is more common in men, but gradually fades with age.

5. You look better than most and you dress better than most.  

Being on an equal footing with the ‘grey matter’ for a man who is in love with himself is equal to the humiliation of his own dignity. That is why he will never allow himself to leave his house without being fully recovered.

6. You like to argue. 

According to research by psychologists Nikolai Goltzman and Michael Strob, narcissists argue much more often with other people than their humble colleagues.

7. The narcissist does not listen but speaks.

In a conversation, a person’s self-love can easily be noticed by an unconscious desire to have a conversation about topics that only interest him.

The moment the opponent says phrases that do not interest him, the narcissist demonically joins himself, does not respond at all and sometimes interrupts the conversation partner.

8. The narcissist pretends that he or she can change.

Forgiveness of “little jokes” at the time of a permanent relationship is a characteristic of self-confident people.

9. With a narcissist only friends for 4 months.  

It is precisely in this time that people who are alien to masochism in communication know how to recognize you as a lover and to break up a friendship and other connections. 

10. Creation of idols. 

The weakness of the narcissists to put other people on the pedestal is because they are trying to get at least some approximation to their ideal. Disappointment in the idol for them is sometimes even more painful than the awareness of their imperfection.

11. The narcissist can easily place himself mentally above others.  

The other side of the creation of idols is the creation of an army from the plebs, against which you look much better. If the word “segregation” does not have disgusting comments for you, then it is time to think about where this can lead you.

12. Parental rejection and admiration for you. 

Even Sigmund Freud said that the unequal position of parents towards their children can lead to those who do not understand their parents’ differences of opinion, trying to look better than they really are throughout life.

13. The choice of friends with calculation.

Narcissists usually choose to be friends with those on whose background they look cool enough to approach a girl.

14. The victor is an introvert. 

Narcissism generally has two faces: one is a character that is suppressed with its energy, and the other is silent narcissism that turns into introversion and hypersensitivity. 

However, both have common roots and unknowingly attempt to manipulate people, only in different ways.

15. Total control over yourself. 

As a rule, narcissists try to keep themselves under constant control, otherwise their hypertrophic ‘I’ can come to light, which can even push people around them. This does not mean that the narcissists are absolutely impenetrable, but the threshold of their apparent calm is extremely high.

The scared and confused parts inside of you

The greatest way to get through whatever ways the narcissist responds to you is to be prepared to turn inwards to the scared and confused parts inside of you; to tend to any feelings of guilt, abandonment and fear, and heal them back to wholeness.

By doing so you will be able to leave, keep away and start to heal and flow into your new, abuse-free life.

That is my greatest passion and joy – helping individuals achieve this for real. People just like you.

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