The Secrets of the narcissist

The One Secret Narcissists Won’t Reveal

Narcissists hide who they are by managing their influence.

  • To feel safe, narcissists must control other people and their environment, including your beliefs, feelings, and actions.
  • Due to projective identification, your feelings can reveal how abusers really feel and, in many cases, how they were treated as children.
  • Narcissists hide their secret behind their abuse and bluster, their braggadocio, and their arrogance.

Narcissism is associated with belief in astrology, study finds

A new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences examined whether personality traits could predict unfounded beliefs, finding that narcissism was the strongest predictor of belief in astrology. Further, intelligence was negatively associated with this belief.

Narcissistic Triangulation Puts You In A Lose-Lose Situation

You feel played again. But you’re also confused. It seems like the narcissist attacked you, but it was so indirect that you’re questioning your reality.

Now you’re left feeling threatened and unsafe. Other people also seem to be upset with you, and you aren’t even sure exactly what you did wrong!

Don’t Be Insulted if a Narcissist Forgets Your Name

New research suggests that a special kind of memory problem plagues narcissists

Should You Stop Contact with Narcissistic Family Members?

If a member of your family has NPD, it can be useful to know when to stay involved and when to cut ties.

You may be wondering if your relationship with a loved one with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) has crossed a line.

6 Signs of a Covert Narcissistic Mother

Mothers experience challenges in life just like everyone else, and sometimes those challenges include living with symptoms of a personality disorder.

Not everyone with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) experiences the same symptoms or symptoms with the same intensity. The same goes for a mother who may live with this condition.

The Narcissistic Family Christmas with Psychotherapist Christiana Davidson

Every adult child of narcissistic abuse well relates to the dysfunctional pattern of behavior exhibited by a narcissist parent at the Christmas family dinner table.The position or role they play in the family causes each family member to be triggered in a specific way. When buttons are pushed and reactions are unfiltered the supposedly joyous family celebration becomes one of chaos and pain. Meanwhile the narcissistic parent plays the victim and the innocent

I was in a cult led by a narcissistic sociopath for 25 years. What happened to me can happen to anyone.

The author was part of the Buddhafield cult, which began in the 80s in Hollywood, usually recruiting its new members through yoga studios. 

Main character syndrome, explained by Carrie Bradshaw

The heroine of Sex and the City and its new reboot embodies the self-centered trope that’s all over social media.

What happens when an empath leaves a narcissist?

Leaving any relationship that you had invested your time and energy into can be hard, especially depending on the circumstances that have led to you having to end it and leave. Leaving could mean that the relationship no longer served you or that it simply was not working out.

New self-improvement book shares insights on how to use narcissism as a catalyst for spiritual awakening

Author Esther Hunter returns to the publishing scene with the release of “From Narcissism To Nirvana” (published by Balboa Press AU). In this self-improvement book, she offers a new perspective on narcissism and discusses how it is a gift that can be used for spiritual awakening.

Co-Parenting With A Narcissist? 7 Tips To Make It Work & Support Your Child

Ending a relationship—whether you’re in the middle of a tough divorce or consciously uncoupling—is hard enough, but when you add kids, things can get excruciatingly complicated. And if the person you’ll be co-parenting with is a narcissist, then it might feel impossible to make it work.

Church should wield its influence more resolutely

Competence and charisma can overturn conventional standards when voters choose their leaders. From a sociological perspective, the majority of the citizenry can be mesmerized by a charismatic, even if corrupt and incompetent, leader whose unconventional, irreverent, and narcissistic ways appeal to them.


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