Proud to be a Single Parent in the news.

Be Proud To Be A Single Mom.

Being a single mom isn’t as unique as it used to be. Life happens, but from hard times come positive rewards. I’m not trying to take anything from parents who are in a relationship.

What I’m saying is as a single mom I think I’ve become a better person today than I would have been if I was in a relationship her whole life.

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The new program meets monthly to provide essential support.

The chaplain said he developed the idea for the SPN because of a young Airman at Beale AFB, California, who was married and the mother of an infant son when her husband decided he no longer wanted to be married and left.

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Why ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Is The Broadway Show Parents Need To See.

Rachel Bay Jones plays Evan’s mother, while Jennifer Laura Thompson and Michael Park play the parents of Connor Murphy, a troubled student who dies by suicide early in the show.

All three actors are parents themselves, and their powerful performances speak to the love and heartache of raising children today.

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The plight of fathers denied contact with their own children.

FAMILIES will celebrate Father’s Day next Sunday. However, many divorced and separated dads won’t be able to see their children. Only 17% of single fathers are the custodial parent, and mothers can restrict contact, even on Father’s Day.

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12 Vows Every Godly Single Father Should Make for His Family.

Below are the vows of the Resolution from the movie Courageous—with a bit of a single dad twist. I encourage you to contemplate living out this Resolution and the eternal blessings it could produce in your life—as well as the lives of your children.

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Hong Kong residents pictured inside ‘coffin homes’ barely more significant than a single bed.

Claustrophobics should look away now – because these are the grim and cramped living conditions hundreds of thousands of people have to cope with.

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