Challenges of Single Parents in the news.

Keyword Research 101: How to Discover New Keywords for Your Business.

Google removed the ability for marketers to see which key terms are being used in order to find their site.

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Challenges of a single Mother of an IIT aspirant Child!

For single mothers like Sunita finance is a big concern. Paying for expensive tuition fee, books and study materials can entail a lot of expenditure. However, enrolling her son for the digital platform is the best way to assure quality learning at a fraction of a price.

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‘Quantico’ beauty Priyanka Chopra to play a single mom in the next Hollywood film.

Priyanka is ready for another Hollywood film titled “A Kid like Jake.” She is reportedly negotiating the project with the filmmaker and other cast members.

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The battle for gender equality rages on in the Czech Republic.

ana’s husband left suddenly two years ago and since then she’s been bringing up their two sons, aged three and eight, alone. Financial help from the state is “very minimal,” she tells Equal Times, and when asked about child support payments from her husband, she simply shakes her head.

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Janet Jackson Turns 51: How She’s Facing Her First Birthday and the Year Ahead as a Single Mom.

The source explains the pair is focused solely on co-parenting Eissa Al Mana: “[Al Mana] has been in both her and their baby’s life even though they may still not be a couple… Their love for the baby will never change.”

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Let’s support all mothers.

My mother worked hard for more than 40 years as a Licensed Practical Nurse in nursing homes, loving and caring for mostly low-income seniors. She had a second job, too. My most profound childhood memories are missing my mother and noticing how hard she worked.

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