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Reflections of ‘Lucky’ Single Parents in the News.

Nelson mum ‘lucky’ to find a home after a heartbreaking hunt in a competitive market.

What a difference a home can make.

A little over a year ago, “everything was dark” for Nelson mum Hannah Johnson, 22.

Her relationship had broken down along with her car, and she and her then-preschool son, Oliver, had to leave their Wakefield house.

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A single mother to help build her own Fairborn home.

A single mother of two children will work with a group of women to build their own new home in Fairborn.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton has launched its newest initiative — Women Building Together, which aims to empower women and build stronger communities.

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Mom’s House marks a major milestone with record-breaking graduation.

A major milestone for a local organization that helps low-income, single moms pursue their education. The goal of Mom’s House is to help break the cycle of poverty. Tuesday night is special graduation for the program.

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Who Is Kenny On ‘The Bachelorette’? This Contestant Is A Devoted Dad.

This season on The Bachelorette, Rachel is being given a pretty wide range of men to choose from and once she eases out the duds, she’s going to be left with a decent roster, which will possibly include pro wrestler Kenny Layne, a.k.a. Pretty Boy Pitbull Kenny King.

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Americans’ moral beliefs.

Gallup has released its latest study of Americans’ moral beliefs.

Gallup’s Values and Beliefs poll has been taken each year since 2001 so that it is possible to track changes.

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Single father motivated by love and dream for his kids.

When life gets tough the tough get going. But even for the toughest, it’s a struggle. So’o Vili of Fasto’o-uta knows this.

“For me, the most important thing is that I have a role I need to concentrate on completely,” he said.

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Camille Prats talks about married life after being a single mom for 6 years.

A widow for six years and having to raise a boy, the Kapuso star is thankful for her complete and growing family this 2017. It all started when she bid goodbye to her four-year long-distance relationship and got married to the love of her life, John “VJ” Yambao.

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