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Does narcissistic abuse produce an addiction to peptides?

Peptide addiction is one of the most vital things to ever realise about narcissistic abuse recovery.

Truly, this may be one of the most important videos that you ever watch. You will understand that narcissistic abuse produce an addiction. That’s why you have to work for your recovery.


Because it will grant you the answers, relief and the true solution that maybe no-one has told you about until now.

The hypothalamus creates peptides for every thought/feeling you have.

The more intense, the more frequent, the more peptides are produced for that specific emotion the thought creates. These peptides are then sent out to every cell in your body.

Your cells have emotion receptors that are a specific fit for different peptides.

When cells divide they increase these receptors for whatever peptides are most available and intense. Your very cells become addicted to a person. When they go without those specific peptides they have receptors for, they will send signals to the brain to create them, thus causing us to seek out that person who gave us those thought emotions or to ruminate and obsess over them.

Your cells don’t care if these thoughts cause you to feel good or to feel bad, as long as they are intense.

In a toxic/narcissistic relationship one will have found themselves in a constantly excited state, on high alert (cortisol and adrenaline), practically stuck in fight or flight, not knowing how they would be treated the next interaction.

Since abusers/narcissists can be so cruel, the times when they are kind, the abused experiences elation and an intense feel good reward rush (dopamine).

That mixed with the unpredictability of it all has them hooked. And the more intense peptides there are associated with the abuser, the more there are released in the body, attaching to our cell receptors, and continuing the cycle of addiction.

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I’m going to help you get out of this nightmare that has been hijacking your entire being. Please know the longer we leave our peptide addiction unhealed, the more and more ingrained and hardwired it becomes in our Inner Identity. When you stay with a narcissist, the narcissistic abuse produce an addiction to him.

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