2 Extremely valuable Insights from René Girard.

2 Extremely valuable Insights from René Girard.

History teaches us that it is not so easy to find a solution to war, Poverty, exploitation, etc.

René Girard is an anthropologist who has done a thorough investigation into the causes. He is sometimes called the Darwin anthropology. The study René Girard gives you insights that you can apply on personal, familial and the organizations to which you belong.

This makes it so exciting to write about it to raise awareness about these mechanisms.

From an introduction about René Girard of Prof. G. Vanheeswyck.

The post-modern man lost some running around. He makes a lot of noise, but says nothing essential. Its recent ancestors were sure of themselves: man is autonomous and can still put the world in his hand. Yet touches René Girard here on a nerve.

How independent are we as individuals?

Most people may not venture into this reflection. And why should they? The illusory enclosure where we are captured softened from birth, it is too terrible sense of our  Thrown Heid. We hang  rapidly onto a preconceived worldview without asking us only one critical question here.

Everything is obvious in its immediacy. Will we have time to reflect on the futility of existence? I do not think so. Sometimes I have the impression that most people no longer exist, but do not exist. Maybe just as well.

In our abysmal culture, there is nothing more terrible than look into the abyss. Who knows this one looks back?

All problems linked to system problems but also to the human condition are Insights from René Girard.

Thanks to Patrick Perquy I was introduced to the work of René Girard.

René Girard exceptionally valuable insights for today.

Also, Geert Van Coillie gave me an aha moment to see up close the work of René Girard. In my own experience, I can reflect it and which is very close to personal development theories. Insights that I previously had in religion and in the figure of Jesus prove essential to be explored by the professor emeritus of the University of Stanford

Also, to coach yourself and others, I see tremendous value in the mimetic approach. Hence, I see René Girard as a central theme in this blog, please because there you would find at an exceptional value.

All learning is indeed an imitation process.

I’ve long been interested in the topic of modeling by my study and application of NLP. The importance of harmony in a family (mastermind) is fundamental to grow.

That this is also at the level of groups, family, organization,and the world as a whole plays a role makes me passionate about this issue to contribute to peace.

Girard’s work crosses the fields of literature, anthropology, theology, philosophy, sociology, psychology.

His brainchild, the mimetic theory, emphasizes the role of imitation in our lives, as an effect and behaviour and motivation.

Toddlers learn to talk by imitating. We learn a foreign language through imitation.

Mimesis is not just the way we learn – it is also the way we fight.

We compete. and want what our brother has.

We “keep up with the neighbors.”

Girard’s theory suggests that mimesis is the basis of all human conflict, and the resolution of disputes through the public offering of a scapegoat.

The foundation was of old religions and civilizations.

But the old formula is not working, he says. The world is thus at an impasse.

Two exceptionally valuable insights for today René Girard.
René Girard has already been compared to several influential thinkers.

Tennis star Serena Williams for the first time responded to the imitation Caroline Wozniacki made of her during a tennis game.

While the idea of mimesis is hardly strange today for the social sciences,

Nobody had thought that this would be the linchpin in a theory of human behavior and the human condition.

René Girard exceptionally valuable insights for today.
Mimesis looks more like a modern phenomenon

Even René Girard had not thought that at the beginning of the 1950s.

His one-man interdisciplinary can be problematic in the academic world, in the academic community, whose members do not always agree with the poaching.

That the vision of René Girard now has a neurological basis is remarkable.

Envy in the academic world?

“I am a specialist of the mimetic theory, but the mimetic theory is my creation, you see?” Says Girard.

“You’re not supposed to have your own theory in academia.

Two exceptionally valuable insights for today René Girard.
Violence and the sacred

You usually can not theorize about literature and sociology, in the way that I do.

The mimetic theory – tell it is a toy, perhaps. “


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