Mimesis Looks more Like a modern Phenomenon.

In earlier societies surely there were enough real matter or social needs to generate conflicts.

Why is mimesis assumption of Girard important?

Good question.

Imagine primitive societies limited resources: food, weapons, mating partners, shelter, hunting grounds, tribal power/authority/leadership.

Among many other things, we can see that primitive societies had to be mechanisms to resolve conflicts mimetic associated with limited resources and power.
The Scapegoat, sacrifice, and religious practices that result is a likely candidate.

Regarding the importance of mimesis to the hypothesis René Girard, it is important to remember that the mimetic theory is itself a hypothesis.
But ultimately, the same imitation abilities that allow us to learn and to copy other (language, culture, etc.) also, the capabilities that help us to form the desire (Girard).

The desires of others Copy leads (to) the rivalry on the object and therefore conflict.


The scapegoat is a mechanism in companies to restrict it.
Therefore, mimesis is an essential component Girard to anthropological findings suggest.


He is the father of the lie that is fundamental lies-

For more societies – this lie is the so-called guilt of the victim.


Introducing the theory of René Girard, Simon De Keukelaere

René Girard: Violence and Mimesis [Long Excerpt]


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