What they say about narcissism in the media?

How common are real personality disorders?

We use the words ‘narcissist’ and ‘paranoid’ easily but our amateur diagnoses may not be accurate

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5 Things Your Judgments of Others Could Reveal About You

This might explain why certain people get under your skin

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For Your Health: The Narcissist’s Toolbox

Jacqueline Hart GibsonPeak to Peak. In last month’s column, the various paths towards healing from narcissistic abuse were described.

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The Narcissist, Dr. Amnesia, and The Fetishizer: My disastrous decade of dating

As we enter into the roaring ’20s, Queerty is looking back on the last 10 years of culture in our “Decade of Decadence” series.

Sentencing delayed for man convicted of killing family

He dismissed Merritt as a narcissist and a psychopath. The four family members vanished from their home in northern San Diego County in 2010.

Enmeshed Emotional Incest: The “Innocent” Abuser and “Grateful” Abusee

Like a flash of lightening, it struck me this week that enmeshed emotional (non-physical) incest between a loving parent and their adored child may be …


3 Toxic Ways Female Narcissists and Sociopaths Terrorize Other Women

Female narcissists and sociopaths are insidious, covert, and often underhanded in the ways they prey on their victims. Just like male narcissists, they lack empathy, are callous, sabotage others, and have an excessive sense of entitlement and need to be at the center of attention at all times.

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‘Your dad had a heart attack because you were bad.’ Growing up with a narcissistic mum.

This post deals with child abuse and might be triggering for some readers.

One day, my mother and I were walking into IKEA. She was holding my daughter in a particular way she liked to, sort of a torso chokehold.

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Me, myself and I: Are you a conversational narcissist?

When you engage in conversation with a friend or colleague, what are your usual responses?

Do you listen, engage and ask appropriate questions? Or do you find a way to weave the conversation back to yourself by adding in a similar experience you had?

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How to explain tough topics to children and teens, a psychiatrist explains

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— KOB 4 sat down with Dr. Scott Carroll, a psychiatrist who specializes in children, to discuss how to explain tough topics to children in light of a recent murder-suicide that occurred on Christmas Day.

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‘Loneliest Man In America’ Donald Trump Is ‘Malignant Narcissist’ With No Friends, Mental Health Group Says

For nearly three years, White House insiders and Trump acquaintances have painted a portrait of a man with no true friends or emotional ties, a new report documents.

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Introversion Revisited: Write Me…Don’t Call Me

In April of 2018, I finally wrote about a topic that had been on my mind for years. The title of the article said it all: Introverts: We’re NOT Just Broken Extroverts. The response was something along the lines of, “Thank you! Someone finally said it!”.

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Rudy Giuliani needs to undergo a ‘full battery of neuropsychological testing’ after latest unhinged interview: psychiatrist

David Reiss, a practicing psychiatrist, has raised alarm bells regarding the mental health of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

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Trump has co-opted the GOP completely and more letters to the editors

It has never been a matter of if, but when, President Trump would be impeached. He cheated and lied in his business and personal life. He was a corrupt businessman, and he is a corrupt president.

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foto bij artikel van narcisme.blog VKoN Trump Wilders De Wever

Why I Chose To Be Alone At Christmas

Holidays are traditionally the time when homo sapiens gather in flocks, herds and swarms. It’s deep in the race to cluster at Christmas.

Then there are the rest of us. Alone for Christmas.

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The Intentional Art of Not Raising a Narcissist

Research emphasizes core traits that support healthy emotional function.

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‘Narcissist’ teenagers jailed for 16 years after stabbing of 17-year-old

Rhett Carty-Shaw tried to murder former girlfriend at behest of Kyro Mori Akhiro

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Who’s more likely to be a narcissist – young or old?

The conclusion of a long study is that narcissistic qualities decrease as people get older.

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National Review Editor Eviscerates CNN: Trump May Be a ‘Habitual Liar and an Unreconstructed Narcissist,’ But So is CNN

The Editor of the conservative National Review is taking flamethrower to CNN.

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Het Huis Trump Het huis Poetin

Decoding the Narcissism-Charisma link: A facet approach

Narcissists appear to be charismatic, yet the literature is inconsistent as to the systematic relationship between narcissism and charisma.

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Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse event

liefde Annemie Perysn voor narcisme.blog
You can trive after narcissistic abuse online workshop

I just want to let you know that this is your final chance to join us in the “You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse” one-day interactive workshop.

Where you will discover how to …

  • Identify toxic people and never fall for abuse again.
  • Create genuine, healthy and loving relationships.
  • Get true resolution from trauma.
  • Turn inwards and reclaim your soul and life.
  • Connect to your True Self and purpose.
  • Know what it takes to never be susceptible to narcissists again.
  • Self-partner to create and generate the life that you were born to live.

This workshop also includes:

Two profound Quanta Freedom Healing shifts that will move TONS of family, collective, childhood and past life traumas powerfully out of your cells, and replace them with your super conscious (Higher Self) to shift you powerfully into your true essence regarding interpersonal relationships.

If you have experienced Quanta Freedom Healing before, or have heard the results of people in the community that talk about NARP, then you have an idea what this means.

Let me tell you, the power of Quanta Freedom Healing in group settings is something else! (It astounds even me!)

OK, I won’t say it again … now is your final chance to get your digital pass to the One-Day Workshop!

Go and get your digital pass for the You Can Thrive One-Day Workshop, I can’t wait to see you there!

Secure your ticket

Click here to secure your ticket – only $39 USD (includes a recording of the event) – to this breakthrough abuse recovery event.

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