Narcissistic personality disorder symptom: How to recognize

Do you think you know a narcissistic person? Have you ever had a relationship with such a person? A narcissistic personality disorder symptom?

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Have you had the Twin Flame experience with a narcissist? Are you still struggling to break free of the enmeshment and the trauma of it, or have you been able to claim your liberation?

When you have a narcissistic disorder, you expect special treatment from other people.

You consider yourself more special than other people and expect to be treated that way.

You feel that you are entitled to admiration and attention, and that you should definitely not show or have weaknesses.

narcissistic personality disorder

People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder symptom often come across as self-confident people.

When you have a narcissistic personality disorder, you mainly show your good side. You like to talk about your fantastic life, your special achievements and capacities that you think you have.

This from an urge to be admired and praised.

You have little regard for the needs of others or their personal space.

You often feel insecure and inferior deep inside.

This makes you very sensitive to criticism.

You can react irritated and sometimes angry to the smallest bit of criticism. When you have a narcissistic disorder, criticism feels like bringing you down as a person.

Which sides of the narcissistic personality disorder are most prominent differs from person to person.

Because you are always working on your self-esteem, whether this is inferiority or the urge for grandeur, it takes a lot of energy. As a result, people with narcissistic sides have little regard for others.

A narcissistic personality disorder symptom puts pressure on relationships.

Partners often feel unheard and can experience aggressive expressions when someone criticizes.

Being in a relationship with someone with a narcissistic disorder is very hard.
People with this diagnosis often have problems at work as well. For example, because their great promises cannot be fulfilled or colleagues do not feel seen or heard.

Seeking Help For Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

When you have a narcissistic personality disorder, the insecure and lonely side of this disorder can also cause you to develop other psychological problems.

Feelings such as sadness and emptiness, in the form of a depression or addiction problem, can develop.
This is usually also the time when someone with narcissism signs up for treatment.
A narcissist will not quickly seek help if these symptoms do not occur.
Asking for help is not compatible with overvalued self-esteem.

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