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Welcome to our “digital” home! +video

As our guest, we invite you to enjoy the peace and serenity of this space on our digital home.

We, that’s Annemie and my husband. We are two! So, if I tell me, it means we. These blogs are definitely lessons learned on our digital home narcisme.blog.

I try to make them for you as easy to digest as possible. It only took 53 years and 65 years to find out. It’s all about testing out different strategies until one click. (It does between us.)

And we still have a lot to learn from experts.

Although, I just write stuff when I had time. My man is the stay at home dad with various domestic duties. Annemie is in the field for helping others outside the home, bringing inside our home gorgeous people.

It took us roughly 5 to 6 hours average each day in the last 2 years to build this website. Still, I did it while listening to music and audios about personal development and internet recruitment marketing training, classic, pop, rock, jazz. May I ask you a question? (because of an article in the future)

What is your favourite music genre?

  • Alternative Music
  • Blues
  • Classical Music
  • Country Music
  • Dance Music
  • Easy Listening
  • Electronic Music
  • European Music (Folk / Pop)
  • Hip Hop / Rap
  • Indie Pop
  • Inspirational (include Gospel)
  • Asian Pop (J-Pop, K-pop)
  • Jazz
  • Latin Music
  • New Age
  • Opera
  • Pop (Popular music)
  • R&B / Soul
  • Reggae
  • Rock
  • Singer / Songwriter (inc; Folk)
  • World Music / Beats

Let me know it in the comments below.

Being teachable is critical to any success. So, is persistence. So, this was and will be as well in the future. That’s why we welcome all your suggestions. We made this blog an excellent source for people who need the help to be the best version after narcissistic abuse of you with easy to access thanks to this platform.

It’s the basic things like this platform that was set up by many beautiful people that we all tend to take for granted.

Neil Patel helped us with our digital home!

  1. learn a lot about internet marketing,
  2. but also how to help others by sharing information!

I just wanted to say thanks because we have learned so much from other blogs and it seems that many bloggers and readers of blogs actually want to help people increase their knowledge and you aren’t merely out here to make a buck off of us.

You are really impressed with your ideas and high-quality content writing, video, and audio. Bloggers are asking to take a look at some of their online marketing training for free and asked to come back and shared with us their experience.

Thank you again, bloggers and readers.

1. For a great list of resources for building a credible online brand on narcisme.blog

2. Encouragement for spiritual and social communications about narcissism!!

Thank you for all your really excellent comments, tips, lessons, videos! It’s much appreciated! But warning: It can cause you to have later night sleep, and I care for your health. We encourage you to be still and listen to the voice in you when you read, write, listen and take a look.

My goal with this blog was to provide people with some authoritative sources to refer to you, like Neil Patel.

I like to provide value to my readers, so the cost of my time isn’t an issue. Thanks to my back pain, I only sleep 5 hours every night. We have collected many of these sources over the years, so hopefully, they will come in handy for you too.

Hopefully, you can keep your inspired emotion and act on something right away.

Within these online pages of our digital home, we have tried to provide both.

  1. An explanation
  2. An experience of our life, purpose, goals, and story.

Our family life is ordinary and simple, yet it is life abundant with many beautiful children. (6 +)

As lovers, we do nothing more than strive to live out a good life and to seek God in everyone and everything. We worship to God in our life during the day and especially go to church on Sunday. We like an atmosphere of quiet, study, and love. In our home, we share everything sharing: heart, mind, burdens. We are still learning to be truly loved and love.

Love is all about action. You just need to get up and start following your soul. Above all is our personal love for Jesus Christ. Love is all about action. You just need to get up and start following your soul.

The hustle is important. It’s honestly all about becoming the best you while helping others. Love for Jesus is all about:


utilising all the resources at your disposal

We are not here to convince you but to inform you.

The more resources you have available to you, the easier it will be for you to make informed decisions.

Every little bit of info helps saves you more time and money.

We are not here to convince you but to inform you. I hope you find this applicable to your day-to-day! Hope to see you back here again. Thanks for re-blogging some posts, for bookmarking! Thank you for sharing in your digital home,  for letting me know where you came from, for your comments.

Thanks for sending me a guest blog. Thanks for all your social communications with me. I can’t thank you, enough, for the connection you made with me. I’m always so happy to contribute to someone’s life. Peace and blessings are with you. The more resources you have available to you, the easier it will be for you to make informed decisions.

Keep up the excellent work. Cheers!

Great to hear when I have inspired you to get back into something you obviously love to do. Let me know what you get out of it. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Thanks for your feedback!

Would also like to listen to what the other subjects are that you find helpful in the future. Let me know if you think I am missing anything. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. And don’t forget to put in your favourite music genre.



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