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Our founding editor, Danny Sullivan, will be chatting for the next hour or so with Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. We’ve got a front-row seat for the Q&A, so if you’re not here with us in Seattle, plan on following along as I try to keep up in our live blog below.

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How To Optimize Your Blog Content For Google Search

Making sure that your blogs can be read by search algorithms is important, but making sure that when humans read them, they find value in them; this way users will want to refer back to them and what will make your blog successful.

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Ethiopia’s ‘Together’ uplifts impaired single mothers

We want to encourage all visually impaired people on way of life. We just need to show them the way, after that they can help us the sighted people not only themselves, not only their families but they will support also sighted people” the Co-founder of Together Martha Negussie said.

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Single mum will never forget the hard times

“This was how I met struggling families and because I am a single mother, we connected and some of us became good friends,” she said.

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Stacey Solomon admits doubting she’d be ‘enough for her child’ when she became a single mum aged 17

“I always felt the stigma [more] of being a young mum and any of those doubts that me alone wasn’t enough for my child came from within rather than from anybody else.”

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7 Things You Should Know About Dating A Single Dad In His 20s

Well, for any daring woman out there who would see fit to date a guy like me — a young dad who is still figuring things out himself — I offer a few bits of advice and, potentially, information to dispel some fears you may have to commit to such a situation.

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This Single Mother Feeds Thousands Every Month—and It Costs Her Next to Nothing

Still, she manages to do it all for next to nothing because the menu depends entirely on that week’s bargains. “The best way to get the lowest out-of-pocket cost is to match the coupon when the item is on sale,” she explains.

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Paula brings hope to others: Single mother gives back to those who helped her

Despite having her hands full with two children and running her own business, she gives one day a week to Hope Kitchen, where she provides treatments such as manicures, pedicures, waxing and massage to the service users on Wednesdays.

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Gulf crisis threatens to separate Qatari mom from her children

Dr Wafaa al-Yazeedi, a mother of three, is a Qatari single mother. Bahrain has asked her children, all Bahraini citizens, to leave Qatar.

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Single mum excited that austerity over and good times now rolling

Following Theresa May’s announcement that austerity is now over, 28-year-old Nikki Hollis decided to give the food bank a miss this week.

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