Movement is important in body image healing.

Trauma does 2 things: The mind leaves the present moment. (dissociation) This is for protection. It is an attempt to find safety. This is like worrying in worst-case scenarios with obsessive thoughts. These thoughts are fear-based thoughts. We are constantly going to analyze the past and analyze the future. We leave the body. This is also for protection. We distance ourselves fromMeer lezen over “Movement is important in body image healing.”

Growth task to break free of your addiction to the narcissist!

Like an addiction, “loving a narcissist” is an emotional addiction, believing that you have some power over the narcissist and the situation. Yet, you don’t. There is neither reciprocity nor healthy dependence on the narcissist. Likewise, an emotional addiction to the narcissist generates dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline, cortisol, and other brain chemicals created by love. LoveMeer lezen over “Growth task to break free of your addiction to the narcissist!”

Support yourselves with Inner development to be powerful.

We have gaps in our personality to look outside ourselves for love, support, approval, survival, and security. Moreover, we do not support ourselves by being authentic or having a good boundary function. We don’t go beyond the fear of annoying people or people who turn away from us. We don’t like ourselves for being ourselves.Meer lezen over “Support yourselves with Inner development to be powerful.”