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Narcissism in the media.

How Does Being Raised By a Narcissist Affect a Man’s Adulthood?

The Good Men Project

Narcissistic abuse involves imposing their way of doing things onto you (their way is the only right way) and self-absorbed behavior.

How to Heal From a Narcissistic Relationship

Woman’s Era

By Abha Makkar. Before beginning with the healing, one should always know what and how it feels to be with a Narcissist.

So You Loved a Narcissist. Quit Beating Yourself Up About It!

Beyond our regret over staying, we also rue perpetuating the problem by bonding with narcissist after narcissist. We may have escaped our narcissistic nuclear families, but the odds are we will somehow draw, attract and bond with even more narcissists: friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, husbands, …

Carolyn Hax: ‘Conversational narcissist‘ husband has something he’d like to add

Washington Post

Hi, Carolyn: I have a “conversational narcissist” husband. Whenever I begin speaking about something — my day, something I read, a conversation I …

The Narcissism of Glory

The Good Men Project

The Narcissism of Glory. To hopes of glory. May 22, 2021 by Warren Blumenfeld Leave a Comment. Touching the flame to a short fuse.

Narcissists are in love with themselves — here’s how to avoid becoming one


narcissistic boss can lower corporate productivity. Live an insanely boring life. Writer John P Weiss shares this thought on digital narcissism: What you …

HELP! My NarcissistWants Me Back! They love and miss me SO much!

PsychCentral.com (blog)

At some point, they’ll run out of narcissistic supply. The narcissist from whom you’ve extricated yourself will need a favor. They’ll want some product or service you provide. Perhaps their other friends have gotten wise to them and gone splitsville. And then they come flying back to you — full of …

The BBC, the NHS and Oxfam have a bad case of institutional narcissism

The Times

The BBC, the NHS and Oxfam have a bad case of institutional narcissism. The Panorama scandal shows how the assumption of purity can allow bad …

Local to jump to create awareness for narcissistic abuse

Rosebank Killarney Gazette

Roper will free fall wearing a wedding dress to raise awareness for narcissistic abuse. As a victim of this form of abuse, Roper said she wanted to break …

King Lear, ultimate in narcissistic male leaders, played by a woman

The Sydney Morning Herald… and prove that King Lear, that ultimate in ego-centric, narcissistic male leaders coming a-cropper on his flaws, is about so much more than his sex.

When America’s faith shifts from God to politicians

American Thinker

This decline continues into 2021 under the ever-indulgent, narcissistic American culture built around social-media fame-seekers and a never-ending …

Your culture affects how narcissistic you are

Are you an important person? The answer you give to this question (amongst other things) is used by psychologists to assess how narcissistic you are. In 1963, when adolescents were asked this question, only 12% answered affirmatively. 30 years later, that percentage had risen to 80. 

How to escape a toxic relationship (when you might not even know that you’re in one)


A toxic relationship, whether it is one with family members, romantic … There is also the fact that, when stuck in a relationship with a narcissist, victims …

Narcissistic? It could have to do with the social system that you grew up in

ZME Science

The rap artist’s lyrics are the personification of the narcissism epidemic that plagues Western cultures. From songs to self-image and language, the focus is on “I”. The prevalence of this sentiment has increased exponentially in the past few decades. Not every culture is so individualistic and some …

How To Know When You’re Dealing With a Narcissistic Personality

The Good Men Project

For some people, recognizing narcissism is hard. Covert narcissism is a big issue, especially since narcissists are good at hiding the truth behind them …

Narcissistic people aren’t just full of themselves – new research finds they’re more likely to be …The Conversation US

Narcissism is defined as “entitled self-importance.” The term narcissism comes from the mythical Greek character Narcissus, who fell in love with his own …

Narcissism linked to aggression in review of 437 studies

The Ohio State University News

Narcissism is linked to all forms of aggression, a new study found. May. 25,. 2021.

Psychopaths’ Choice of Zip Code Reveals a Lot

Newsmax… disregard for other people, narcissism — usually manifest in self-centeredness and … and sadistic traits, but not with traits of narcissistic personality.

5 signs of a narcissistic leader – and what to when you spot them

Management Today

Leadership positions tend to attract narcissists because of status involved.

5 resume mistakes that can make you look like a narcissist: ‘You might not get a callback,’ says …


With 20-plus years of experience in recruiting, one of the biggest turnoffs, according to hiring managers, is a resume that screams: “I’m a narcissist!”

Narcissistic individuals might be at higher risk of exercise addiction because of their focus on …


The researchers were interested in two dimensions of narcissism: admiration and rivalry. Narcissistic admiration is characterized by exhibitionism and …

6 Things Narcissists Do When You Leave Them

The Good Men Project

But the narcissist will try to stop you, and it’s not because they care. They just miss having their biggest admirer around. Here are 6 things narcissists do …

Let the narcissist have his military parade

The Globe and Mail

U.S. President Donald Trump is planning a glory-strutting extravaganza, a pulsating military parade to showcase American power. Critics are up in arms. It’s what autocrats do, they say. Shades of Pinochet or Kim Jong-un, who has such a spectacle, or Vladimir Putin. He has one too. The Russian leader …

A beloved literary character becomes a raging narcissist in the irritating ‘Peter Rabbit’

Once the lovable embodiment of childlike naughtiness, Peter Rabbit is now a long-eared, loud-mouthed narcissist, the kind of creature who, after delivering a semi-sincere apology for his latest misdeeds, pats himself on the back for having “crushed it.” On the receiving end of that apology are Peter’s …

These 14 Trump tweets perfectly line up with 14 key traits psychologists look for in pathological …

These 14 Trump tweets perfectly line up with 14 key traits psychologists look for in pathological narcissists … Professional psychologists have often questioned whether President Donald Trump suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), a psychological condition that Psychology Today writes is …

Is Davina Rankin emotionally abusive? Feminist Clementine Ford accuses MAFS bride of …

She told her husband Ryan Gallagher to ‘go f**k himself’ in an explosive argument before taking advantage of every opportunity to badmouth him at Married At First Sight’s first dinner party. And in the wake of Davina Rankin’s behaviour on Thursday night’s episode, viewers have slammed Instagram …

narcisme.blog VKoN blog over narcisme

“Her Highest Praises Were Mocking Insults”—What It’s Like Growing Up With aNarcissist for a Parent

These days, the word “narcissist” is thrown around to describe any arrogant jerk or vain, self-involved person. But there’s a clinical definition of the word from a mental health standpoint: someone who has no empathy, who can’t tune in to the emotional world and understand others’ feelings. A narcissist …

We’ve become a nation of armchair psychiatrists


Narcissism? No. Self-preoccupation is not the same as narcissism. The narcissist is someone for whom self–preoccupation has turned into self– …

In our narcissistic age, nothing beats good manners


And, in an increasingly selfish, rude world, good manners are a super weapon. We live in the first great narcissistic age.

Narcissist’s ‘Thin Skin’ Can Easily Lead to Aggression


Narcissism is characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, and its main component is entitlement, he explained.

Our Addiction to Charismatic Leaders Needs to Stop

INSEAD Knowledge

The antidote to narcissistic leaders who coast on their charisma is a paradigm shift in education. Don’t talk to me about charisma.

11 impossible people you meet at work (and how to deal with them)

While the Narcissist is merely self-obsessed, the Sociopath goes one step further, seeking to destroy others to achieve their own ambitions.

Fiona Tapp has described them in this way: “True sociopath bosses are more than just bad bosses: They exhibit a set of characteristics that make them dangerous …


My father, like yours, was a narcissist (which just made things worse), but even now that I’ve forgiven him I have to stay on the meds because my brain still can’t do its job unassisted. To anyone who is doubtful about meds: Please give them a try.

What’s the Difference Between a Winner and a Narcissist?


In the case of narcissistic personality disorder, the symptoms can be obvious to others or covert and hidden to a certain degree to the untrained eye.

8 Lies The “Good” Daughter of the Narcissistic Mother Tells Herself About Men- That Makes Her …

PsychCentral.com (blog)

As a psychotherapist to women for the past 30 years, I have found Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers internalize disempowering messages from their mothers. These messages sabotage their well-meaning attempts at finding happiness.

Your Ultimate Guide to Identifying a Narcissist

Psychology Today (blog)

With all that is written about identifying narcissism in others, you might think that everything’s been said that could be said about the subject. However, in reality, previous guides to evaluating narcissism have involved making the logical leap from personality tests that people answer themselves to the …

Narcissists Are More Likely to Be Compulsive Facebook Users

Mental Floss

As PsyPost reports, people with Facebook addiction are also likely to be narcissists. For their recent study published in the journal PLOS One, scientists from Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany followed the Facebook activity of 179 German students over the course of a year.

Don’t be narcissistic, Liev Schreiber advises Israeli film students

The Times of Israel

Schreiber spoke about the duality in any dramatic character, also apparent in Ray Donovan, who embodies male stereotypes of courage as well as deep embarrassment about the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. As an actor, said Schreiber, the big challenge is not to fall into the trap of narcissism.

Being familiar or comfortable with someone are two different things — and too much of one in a …

Business Insider

Be careful of falling for familiarity, warns psychologist Perpetua Neo, because narcissists are familiar. “A narcissist can feel very familiar if you are brought up around them or have too many of them in your life,” she told Business Insider. “So familiarity is, for instance, ‘I have this pair of shoes and they are …

Characteristics of a narcissist

Southlands Sun

Chances are in your life you’ve encountered a narcissist. This is a person who always spins the topic of conversation back to themselves, bragging about having the latest and greatest of everything. This type of person also thinks that they are smarter and better than you in everything.

8 Unexpected Ways A Narcissist Isolates You

Facebook addiction linked to narcissism and other psychological factors, study finds


People who are more narcissistic are more likely to be compulsive Facebook users, suggests a new study published in the scientific journal PLOS One.

“Currently, the social networking site Facebook is used by over 2.1 billion people. Worldwide, users spend a lot of time interacting on Facebook with …

Playing a bisexual, narcissist king a huge risk: Ranveer Singh


Singh admits that playing a bisexual, narcissist king who lusts after a Hindu queen was a huge risk, but says he is glad he did the film. He spoke to Reuters about how he got under the skin of Khilji, and whether films have a social responsibility towards their audience. When we met during the promotion …

Playing the bisexual, evil antagonist in Padmaavat was a huge risk and it could have been my

Hindustan Times

Donald Trump and narcissism

U.S. President Donald Trump is an “enticement technician.” He skillfully mixes compliment with insult. One minute he posts critical and derogatory tweets about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the next he sends a message of reconciliation, making people confused about Trump’s real intention.

Sexy, Jealous Narcissistic Moms (Pt 2 of 2)

PsychCentral.com (blog)

More often than not, daughters of narcissistic mothers have been innocent victims of sexual abuse. They tend to be sexually timid, taking their time to explore their adult sexuality.

Yet, their mothers always assume their daughters are, well, to use their terminology “sluts” and “whores.”

Sexy, Competitive Narcissistic Moms (Pt 1 of 2)

PsychCentral.com (blog)


The rap collective New Age Narcissism may abbreviate their name to NAN, but this is definitely not your nan’s music. This Friday, Feb. 2, make sure you head to Gardner Lounge for a showcase of the Milwaukee-based music collective. Doors will open at 9 p.m. and the show will begin at 9:30. There are …

Julian Barnes and the narcissism of love

The Economist

But, as the tale spools out, the effect is a vivid and awful dramatization of the narcissism of obsessive love. Paul claims a solemn “duty” to remember Susan as she was when they first met—a quick-witted, charming woman in a tennis dress—but finally this lover’s allegiance is to himself, and himself alone.

Narcissism is a Growing Epidemic in Our Nation

The Stroud Courier

Although one in particular becomes glaringly evident as we go about our daily routines is self-absorption. Narcissism is evident when you see a pristine SUV taking up two spaces in the parking lot, a line of faces plastered to smartphones, or the door getting slammed on you because the person in front …

Ex-Machine Head Bassist Adam Duce Drops Deuce on Band: ‘These Outfits Look GAY AF!!!’


Ex-Machine Head Bassist Adam Duce Drops Deuce on Band: ‘These Outfits Look GAY AF!!!’ “I knew the narcissistwas going to crash the ship just watching the way he approached ‘Locust.’” jomatami. logo. Ultimate Guitar · jomatami. [+] bio. UG News editor since early 2013. King Crimson fan.

Why Is It So Hard to Leave the Narcissist in Your Life?

Psychology Today (blog)

I used to be a really confident and mentally healthy person. I had a good job, many friends, and I was happy most of the time. Now I am a total wreck. I can’t concentrate on my work and I feel as if I am going crazy. I know that I am in a really destructive relationship with a Narcissist who abuses me, but …

zelftwijfel door het leven met een NPD narcissism in the media
klik op de foto voor meer info

Op-Ed: A Year Of Trump Fatigue

Chattanooga Pulse

This ignorance, with the fact that he is a malignant narcissist, makes a very toxic personality. He thinks the world revolves around him. His grandiosity leads him to believe in his superiority. He believes that he is smarter, more talented, and more capable than anybody else.

Author Sonya “Blackbirdfly 36” Hill’s Newly Released “Out of the Burning Flame: Releasing the ..

PR Web (press release)

Author Sonya “Blackbirdfly36” Hill’s Newly Released “Out of the Burning Flame: Releasing the Narcissist Stronghold” is a Candid Tale of Escape from Domestic Abuse …

Narcissist news media can’t stand being wrong either

Port Huron Times Herald

I enjoyed your article on narcissism on the editorial page. I wonder if the writer was looking in the mirror. Have you ever noticed when the news will have blaring headlines that so-and-so is a guilty crook on the front page, but when it is all proved wrong it is a small article on an obscure page?

Are you a narcissist?

Love Andover

My poetry has many diverse themes, from madness to the mundane, from fantasy and fable to philosophical and the darkness of reality (whatever that is). I have been writing since I was 18 and have inspired other artists such as Benjamin Heine who created a piece of art work called” filled with fire” from …

I hope there is opposition to the border wall: Letter to the Editor


It’s good that there is (hopefully!) significant opposition to the proposed Mexican border wall that Trump wants. While it’s true that Trump is a racist, xenophobe, and whatever else, he is first a narcissist.

Ambivalence in Relationships

The most famous kind of Ambivalent is someone who suffers from being a Narcissist. On the surface, the Narcissist appears to be an Avoidant. He or she is usually aloof, detached, self-confident, self-centered, domineering, and/or afraid of commitment.

What Does It Mean To Be A Narcissist?

We all want to know the narcissist meaning and there’s, unfortunately, no narcissist test. Ah, narcissists. The reason we watch true-crime documentaries read about serial killers, and devour mystery novels. But narcissists aren’t just in the media. They’re embedded in our everyday lives, and they’re more common than you think.

Mass shooters aren’t self-loathing — they’re humiliated narcissists

Raw Story

One recent article in American Behavioral Scientist finds a compelling new link between mass shooters and narcissistic, aggressive behavior. Findings by Brad Bushman, a professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State University, contrast with the widely perceived notion that mass killers …

Michael Moore Goes On Rant Against ‘Malignant Narcissist‘ Trump

The Daily Caller

Michael Moore went on another rant against President Donald Trump in a letter to supports ahead of the president’s State of the Union, according to the Washington Examiner on Saturday. “Donald J. Trump has proven himself to be completely unfit for office, a threat to our country, and an imminent …

rethinking narcisme

Michael Moore goes off on Trump ahead of State of the Union

The Hill (blog)

Melania Trump Is An ‘Opportunist’ Who ‘Is Extremely Likely To Also Be Narcissistic,’ Writes Ph.D …

The Inquisitr

Author Elesa Zehndorfer answered the query, “If President Donald Trump is a narcissist, then what is the personality of Melania?” The author surmised a theory somewhat different than that of victim espoused in “Free Melania” campaigns. Instead, Elesa profiled Melania as an “opportunist,” and ascribed …

The Confusing Narcissistic Cycle of Abandonment and Return

PsychCentral.com (blog)

It begins with the narcissist feeling shame. It could be shame about childhood abuse, the socioeconomic state of their family, an embarrassing moment, or being exposed as a failure, incompetent, unintelligent, or a fraud.

How to heal after dating a narcissistor sociopath


But it’s a whole different, er, monster when you’re breaking up with a narcissist, a sociopath, or a combination of both. This was no ordinary relationship; therefore, it’s no ordinary path to recovery. “You realize that the relationship felt real to you, but the [other person] faked it the entire time,” says Andrea …

Unhinged: Michael Moore assails Trump, ‘unfit,’ ‘narcissist, ‘sociopath,’ ‘threat to humanity’

Washington Examiner

Donald J. Trump has proven himself to be completely unfit for office, a threat to our country, and imminent danger to the world. He is not well; he is a malignant narcissist and an active sociopath. And because he holds the codes to fire nuclear weapons, he is a singular threat to humanity. This situation …

cover book maignant narcissism

This Could Be Why Many Mass Shooters Turn to Violence

Obviously, Bushman’s research doesn’t imply that all narcissists have violent tendencies. But, as Bushman writes in his study, “After doing research on aggression and violence for over 30 years I have come to the conclusion that the most harmful belief people can have is the belief that they are superior …

North Koreans express cynicism and enthusiasm over nuclear crisis

The Japan Times

“Trump is a narcissist, paranoid and demonizes anyone who opposes him,” Dr John Gartner, a former assistant professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, told the online magazine Salon in November. “Trump has an antisocial personality and exhibits signs of sociopathy.

Baranyai: Google Arts app reveals our obsessive narcissism

Brantford Expositor

It ranks among the cheesiest of pickup lines: “Is your portrait in a museum?” Yet the Google Arts & Culture app has succeeded at picking up selfies faster than an online dating service — by its own account, 30 million in a matter of days. The free educational app courts users with a chance to explore more …

Baranyai: Google Arts app reveals our obsessive narcissism

Owen Sound Sun Times

Narcissists don’t just love their selfies, they love yours too

A new study from Sejong University in Seoul, South Korea found that narcissistic people tend to post more selfies on Instagram. It’s not an especially surprising finding, considering that part of what characterizes narcissism is an obsession with one’s own appearance. But the study had a more surprising …

Folks who thrive on chaos

Cumberland News Now

The payment was made during the campaign but only recently came to light. Is it any wonder that thousands upon thousands of women marched in major cities on the first anniversary of Trump’s Reign of Chaos? There have been many who believe Trump is a narcissist and some who believe that are …

Do western societies promote narcissism?

Universitätsmedizin Berlin report that people who grew up in the former western states of Germany have higher levels of narcissism than those whose socialization took place in the former eastern states. Between 1949 and 1989/90, life in West Germany was characterized by a culture of individualism, …

What is A Sociopath?

Psychology Today (blog)

I’ve met people who are narcissistic and highly impulsive but I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually come into contact with a sociopath. Have you ever encountered a person who appeared to be a sociopath? Have you met someone who believed that they were a sociopath? This diagnosis is sometimes hard …

Do western societies promote narcissism?

The term ‘narcissism’ refers to excessive self-love and self-centeredness. Narcissism is only considered a pathological phenomenon if the condition has a negative impact on the patient and if he or she develops symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. Researchers led by Prof. Dr. Stefan Röpke …

cover book neville Symington narcissism a new theory

Do western societies promote narcissism?

EurekAlert (press release)

Researchers from Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin have been able to show that people who grew up in the former western states of Germany have higher levels of narcissism than those whose socialization took place in the former eastern states. Between 1949 and 1989/90, life in West Germany was …

Spare me this narcissism! After watching a young couple in a smart restaurant taking selfies …

Daily Mail

The London restaurant was elegant, the food delicious, the service good. With his back to the room, my husband didn’t see the beautiful couple arrive and sit down opposite. Both in their mid-20s, they were real head-turners.

Why Entitled People Will Disregard Rules That Others Follow

Psychology Today (blog)

But that shouldn’t be surprising: We know—from psychotherapy and general psychological observation—that people who demonstrate features of a narcissistic personality, especially marked by a sense of entitlement in their conduct, often behave that way. But the researchers didn’t expect this.

cover book living in the age of entitlement

The opposite of a narcissist is an ’empath’ — and it could be a bad thing if you date one


To put it simply, empaths are the opposite of narcissists. They’re not just highly-sensitive, they’re on a more extreme end of the emotional spectrum. It might sound rare or unlikely, but as Hello Giggles pointed out, “it’s pretty likely that you know someone who fits the description” of an empath, which …

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: President Narcissist

The Northwest Florida Daily News

It seems our little narcissist has finally made America great by simply degrading all other nations to “shithole” status – well, all but Russia. Comrade Trump ain’t going to criticize Putin unless he wants those photos exposed of him and Russian prostitutes. But by calling nations “shitholes” our fake …

Are You a Narcissist? Here Are 7 Things You Should Ask Yourself

Men’s Health

It’s important to note that there’s a distinction between people with narcissistic tendencies and those who have narcissistic personality disorder. Unlike people in the former camp, who might just suffer from an inflated sense of self-esteem, people with NPD often struggle with a less stable sense of identity.


Daily Mail

Because people who doubt the moon landings are more likely to be selfish and attention-seeking, according to a study earlier this year. Over the course of three online-based studies, researchers at the University of Kent showed strong links between the belief in conspiracy theories and negative psychological …

Empaths and narcissists make a ‘toxic’ partnership — here’s why they’re attracted to each other

The Independent

As said, Narcissists, for example, are attracted to people they will get the greatest use from. Often, this means they pursue and target empaths. Last but not least, empaths are the opposite of narcissists. While people with narcissistic personality disorder have no empathy, and thrive on the need for admiration, empaths are highly …

cover boek the human magnet syndrome

Empaths and narcissists make a ‘toxic’ partnership — here’s why they’re attracted to each other

Business Insider

Because empaths have a lot of compassion and understanding to give, while narcissists thrive on someone worshipping them. But this isn’t a good match, because empaths tend to forgive everything the narcissist does. This results in them being completely used and degraded, while the narcissist …

Apt Word to Follow about narcissism in the media

New York Times

27D: If there are any psychiatrists out there, please correct me if I’m wrong: I think this is clinically incorrect, but when read as a casual barb (“Man, you’re such a narcissist!”) it’s passable. In summary a clinical narcissist actually has little to no self-esteem, and therefore requires an insatiable need for validation.

Bad Babies: Of Dr. Dobson, Narcissists and their Demanding, Disappointing Infants

PsychCentral.com (blog)

“Our…totally self-centered and demanding baby daughter.” That’s how my dad introduced me to his readership in Chapter 3 of his book. And that’s the kind of bullsh*t my narcissists regularly spewed when they fondly reminisced about that cute, smart, demanding, angry, willful, strong-willed sinner they …

5 (Good) Reasons to Leave a Narcissist

PsychCentral.com (blog)

When, it’s difficult to leave a narcissist. Focusing on good, solid reasons is a vital step. It’s a necessary momentum to reach a goal vital to your wellbeing and life, in this case, to open the cage door of a toxic relationship, and realize you’ve had wings to fly away along … at minimum emotionally.

Going Rogue After Isolation: A Control Source for the Turpins, Cults and Narcissists

What do cults, narcissists and the infamous Turpins all have in common? They isolate their victims. And not just physically. Intellectually. Relationally. Spiritually. Emotionally. Every way. Why? To create a very limited reality of their design so they can keep you stupid, naïve and thus, controllable.

Women lead the show at SAG Awards unlike any other in its history

Toronto Star

Host Kristen Bell speaks on stage at the 24th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Bell kicked off the show riffing on the “I am an actor” stories that the SAG Awards always begin with, saying, “I am Kristen Bell and I am a narcissist. I’m sorry, and I’m an actor.” (Vince Bucci / Invision/The Associated Press).

Does Your Favorite Actor Have a Personality Disorder?

Psychology Today (blog) about narcissism in the media

Are all actors narcissists? Do they choose their career not only because they are high on the Artistic dimension of RIASEC, but because they love basking in the limelight? What does it take to take your vocational profile as artistic into a professional career that will actually allow you to earn a living?


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