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Naomi Campbell wants to become a mother.

Naomi Campbell thinks constantly to the possibility of creating a family.

The model, 46, admitted she can not wait to have children, although she is not sure if the best choice is to have biological children or adopt.

When she was asked if she would like to start a family, Naomi said:

“I think always on the possibility of having children.

With all the advances in science, I think now I have when I want. “

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Violent Mother bites her four-year-old daughter to teach her a lesson.

A single mother decides to give a lesson of life to four-year-old daughter biting her thighs to teach that giving bites is wrong.

In the days following the teaching, in the child’s thighs, they were formed very obvious bruises and the woman tried to hide everything blaming the older brother.

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She Leaves her son alone in the car while she goes shopping: mother arrested.

A woman – Cho Hardy 43 years – it has been stopped because he had left his son alone in the car while she went to Target, a famous chain of US stores .

For the agents who arrested her, after having stopped at a roadblock, he shouted:

You do not know what it means to be a single mother!”

And tried to justify himself saying he only went to the bathroom and did not want to wake up the child.

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Life is easier if you live with the father (biological)?

When we talk about single-parent families, we speak of a growing reality: in Italy, of a total of more than 24 million households surveyed in 2011 by Istat, those composed of single mothers with children are 2.6 million, 13% of the total (those with only children with fathers 2.8%).

The increase in single-parent families in a decade was over 500 thousand units.

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Carmen Carrasco is the stunning 46-year-old who stole the hearts of the young Eddy Martens.

Carmen has a 23-year-old son, named Yannick (name quite common in French-speaking countries, which would be the equivalent of Italian Giovanni).

The boy, as you may have guessed, is the twenty-year-old classic, but rather a player of world renown as the father who went away a few months after his birth.

Carmen is a native of Andalusia, but emigrated to Belgium in search of a better future has always believed and supported the football passion of the child despite being alone and with other 3 children (Mylan, Hugo and Celia).

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His wife abandons her baby – and he wrote a letter which is acclaimed worldwide.

We’ve all heard stories of fathers who leave their children with their mothers and have barely contact with their children.

But it is less common than mothers abandon their families.

In January 2015, the life of Richard changed completely.

He became a father for the first time.

But luck Richard would soon abandon him and his life was going to be upset.

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Unlike pubs, these pictures show the real lives of mothers.

Moms beautiful integral part of their child’s life, but too often (and often because it is they who hold the camera), they are not literally in the portrait.

But this year, on the occasion of the feast of Mother, Baby Dove has partnered with three photographers to capture the raw and honest picture of the lives of six Canadian moms, documenting the moments when they are bravely at times the softer.

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For single mom Juana Hulin, the past few years have been filled with challenges.

Hulin was diagnosed with stage four cancer in April 2015, just one month after she and her three daughters, ages 13, 12, and 9, had moved into a new home.

Unable to work due to surgeries and chemotherapy treatments, Hulin feared that she would get behind on her bills while waiting for her supplemental security income to be approved.

It was then that Hulin heard about the Ark, a non-profit organization that serves low-income, working families in the Athens, Georgia, area.

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Single Moms Geneva Cruz, Jennylyn Mercado, LJ Reyes Tell Tito Sotto: Your Joke Was Not Funny.

Celebrity single moms Geneva Cruz, Jennylyn Mercado, and LJ Reyes came out on social media calling out Senator Tito Sotto for his offensive remark about single mothers.

The senator, during a Commission on Appointment session with DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, called Taguiwalo’s situation as “na-ano lang (got knocked-up).”

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Here’s To The Single Moms Who Raised Engineers.

Raising a family is hard. I’ve seen how challenging it was for my parents to raise me and my two other siblings while making their relationship work. To run a business together while making sure everything was provided for us was definitely an eye-opener for me that taught me how providing a good life for one’s family is never an easy task

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Parenting is often a thankless job, but that’s especially true when you’re a single parent and doing it on your own, without the support of a partner. 

That’s what makes The Scene video above so sweet to watch.

In the clip, a single mom listens to her daughter read a letter of gratitude.


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How much does it take to make ends meet in Michigan?

The Michigan League for Public Policy has a new online calculator that shows the cost of living in Michigan based on family configuration and geography.

The county-by-county analysis includes the cost of housing, child care, food, health care, and expenses.

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Bank Holiday Hell.

As parents, we all crave that little of ‘me’ time – enjoy a few stolen moments doing something we enjoyed before you took responsibility for a small person. To some, there’s no such thing as too much ‘me’ time.

Spring has loads of potential with bank holidays galore.

Sounds perfect… unless you’re experiencing your first bank holiday as a single parent.

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Emily Writes: I’m not parenting at you, I’m just parenting.

Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes has noticed a lot of parents online are really upset, often with each other.

Here she shares some ideas to make the village a little less hostile and a little kinder.

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Why Gig Work is Perfect for Single Parents.

If you’re a single parent, you probably already know the challenges that come with juggling kids and work.

You may even daydream about a time when you can get everything done and still have a little time for yourself.

A few extra arms might be nice!

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‘Teen Mom 2’: What we know about Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy Chris Lopez.

Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry recently confirmed that Chris Lopez was the father of her unborn child.

Until this week, Kail has been keeping Chris’ identity a secret from fans.

However, she has finally decided to go public with the news, and now fans are interested in how Kailyn met Chris, and what the status of their relationship is as they prepare to welcome a baby together this summer.

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Monk rapes single mother searching for a life partner.

A single mother in Melaka says she was raped by a man claiming to be a monk and exorcist who had performed a series of rituals, allegedly to find her a life partner.

The rituals involved the man placing pieces of paper on several parts of her body and inserting his fingers into her private parts, according to The Star.

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The campaign has been launched to help a single mother deal with the problems that being diagnosed with Sarcoidosis can cause.

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