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This adage was my constant companion during my single years. Its purpose was clear: some women are single just because they’re waiting for Mr. Right, and some people are single because they’re actively repelling Mr. Right.

I was only a single adult for half a decade before my husband walked into my life, but in those five years, I heard just about every reason why he hadn’t arrived yet.


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Funmi Iyanda Talks Feminists, Strippers & Single Parents in her Latest Vlog | Watch on BN TV.


  1. What advice do you have for a gay man, who has no desire for a marriage or children but wants to age happily?
  2. Do you ever just want to wild out?
  3. Would you consider having strippers at a bachelor or bachelorette party against feminist principles? Would you patronize a strip club or care if your partner did?
  4. Why do single parent/young ladies especially have to go through the pain of outcast? How can we convince this part of the world we found ourselves that mistakes happen every day, and we still need true love at least to help with the burden of being a single mother? Thank you, sis! Really appreciate the fighting spirit in you.


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Man lists seven reasons single mothers make great girlfriends.


His latest video post sings the praises of single mothers, particularly as partners.


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Single mother, 32, is killed after a man ‘fleeing police in a stolen car crashed into the Ferrari she was a passenger in’.


After going through that you know she found the will to be strong and to live life, have fun as much as possible, take care of her son and do everything for him,’ Coleman said.


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Checkout Poole’s new mayor – a single mum of three who works in a supermarket.


“I’m sure it will be challenging some days, especially when it’s a subject I’m really passionate about. But that’s part of the job,” added  Wilson who says she just wants to be a good ambassador for Poole and promote the town during her time as mayor.


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Here’s Why Chance the Rapper and Baby Kensli Are One of the Cutest Father-Daughter Duos on Instagram.


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