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Your somatic emotional body has experienced a big emotional impact.

Narcissistic abuse can feel like a nightmare, being frozen in time and not knowing how to get free of the pain, despite all the therapy you are trying as well as the research you’re doing on narcissists. Maybe the therapies had no impact on your somatic emotional body. I want to help you understand why this […]

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Met Modules Quanta Freedom Healing herstellen van narcistisch misbruik

Ik ben Annemie Persyn – Declercq. Ik ben blij om je hand vast te houden indien nodig en je mij er om vraagt om je herstel te ondersteunen vooral als je beslist om de modules quanta freedom healing te gebruiken of de groeitaken te doen die je op vindt. Er is een volledige categorie: […]

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Quanta Freedom Healing session: “Connecting the Power of Source”

What’s better than shifting out trauma and bringing in True Source Light in its place?  Nothing really, except doing a quanta freedom healing session live in the collective energy with many other beautiful souls!  In two days from now, Melanie is holding a special NARP’ers only live Quanta Freedom Healing session and Thrive Boot camp […]