Result of a pathological personality : self-centeredness and manipulation

How do we make sure that we don’t go through (or continue to experience) someone’s pathological lying, putting our heart, life and sanity at risk?

In this video of, it is my greatest wish that I have provided you with some powerful pointers that can help you unravel the rubbish and get to the truth regarding whether this person is someone with high-integrity or not and detect if what you find is a result of a pathological personality.

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A narcissist never identifies as such.

If after reading all these characteristics you think that the best thing you can do is call the most expensive psychologist on your agenda, you can rest easy.

 A true narcissist will never identify with these traits.

For the narcissistic person, aspirations are never excessive. If they are at the centre of attention, it is because they deserve it. For those people, it is ridiculous to try to identify with these points.

If you are in a genuine relationship with a genuine person, you will feel like you love that person for who they are. If you in a relationship with a narcissist you won’t be able to honestly say ‘My partner is such a wonderful and great guy or girl.’

So, I really hope that these pointers have helped you identify the warning signs of a pathological narcissist. If we want to live a healthy, truthful, safe and authentic life we need to stop lying to ourselves about the people who we are in a relationship with and stop trying to fix or change or tolerate people who have a deficient character despite them saying ‘I’ll change.’

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A person’s character is a person’s character.

The character of a person is the composition of their inner identity. We all can seek, align and connect with people who have high integrity. Please know good people do exist.

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I’d love to help you heal from patterns of low integrity pathological people, and the truth is, we may know all we think we need to about them, yet it is the inner programming of our old trauma patterns that get us over the line in order to connect with much healthier and safer people.

So until next time … keep smiling, keep healing and keep thriving because there’s nothing else to do

I’d love you to join me to heal from this, powerful ways that you couldn’t have known existed yet – until you connect to them.

And, I’m really looking forward, as always, to answering your questions and comments below.

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With love,

Johan & Annemie Persyn Declercq


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