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  • Waarom titel “” en niet zelfgenezing?

    Waarom titel “” en niet zelfgenezing?

    The IG and “” content focuses on self-empowerment and healing from narcissistic experiences. Many seeking help and self-healing find solace in this community. It cultivates self-improvement, dream actualization, and assists individuals striving to create better versions of themselves. Connections between the body and soul, along with understanding of narcissists, are explored.

  • The Secrets of the narcissist

    The Secrets of the narcissist

    The One Secret Narcissists Won’t Reveal Narcissists hide who they are by managing their influence. Narcissism is associated with belief in astrology, study finds A new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences examined whether personality traits could predict unfounded beliefs, finding that narcissism was the strongest predictor of belief in astrology. Further, intelligence was…