What’s new in the news about narcissism?

By Preston Ni M.S.B.A. on November 12, 2017 in Communication Success
Narcissism is toxic. Some aspects of narcissism might be positive in the short-term and in limited ways.

‘My mother completely ignored us except to criticize, ridicule us and rage’.

Our parents should offer us direction, build our confidence and be our most dedicated fans. But the reality is not always so simple.  At the extreme end of the spectrum, parents are self-absorbed and narcissistic.

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It is challenging and exhausting being romantically involved with a narcissist, but they can also cause havoc when they leave.

Break ups are always hard, but when you’ve been in a relationship with someone who uses others and is obsessed with themselves, it can be even harder.

On the surface, narcissists can seem charming, engaging and charismatic, which can make them difficult to leave in the first place.

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Narcissism: The science behind the rise of a modern ‘epidemic’.

Maybe it’s time to take a break from that smartphone, shut off your computer and meet up with a friend or two.

The Essential Narcissism of Parenthood.

By Barb Cohen on November 09, 2017 in Mom, Am I Disabled/
Telling a parent not to be narcissistic is about as useful as telling a child to ignore a candy store’s display window. Parents are wired to see their babies as perfect mirrors.

Open your eyes wide and completely coming back to your full conscious awareness about narcissism, perhaps taking the time to stretch and smile and feel wonderfully good.

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End the Pain, Grief and Despair of Narcissistic Abuse.

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