What they say about narcissism in the news?

What they say about narcissism in the news?

Domestic Violence: It’ll take inner transformation to change the narrative — Akomolafe


It is concerning to me that people are narcissisticNarcissism comes from deep-rooted childhood wounds. Nigeria is a system that uses culture and …

Read This Before Divorcing Your Mentally Ill Partner


While you can do so, before divorcing a mentally ill spouse, there are a few things … research on narcissistic personality disorder to quantify its effect on divorce, … The challenges of being married to a person with a mental illness or …

Narcissism and National Security

Defense One

Narcissism and National Security. A century ago, the doings of ordinary citizens barely mattered to national security. Today, they matter a great deal …

Pope decries ‘sick’ love that becomes violence and the many women victims of it


These deceptive paths take us away from the love of the Lord and lead us to become more and more selfish, narcissistic and overbearing “.

8 Signs That You Are Dating a Narcissist

The Good Men Project

One thing that is very dangerous about narcissism is that those people who suffer from this condition are not even aware of it. For them, their self-worth is …

Life Coach and Narcissistic Abuse Expert Travels Globally to Support Domestic Violence Survivors

Digital Journal

May 10, 2021 – Thanks to Chanel Jasmin Clark, a certified Life Coach and Narcissistic Abuse Expert, victims and survivors of domestic abuse will no …

Narcissism of small differences: A defamation-law lesson from Trump’s 2020 election fraud claims

Law Times

Narcissism of small differences: A defamation-law lesson from Trump’s 2020 election fraud claims. If you are going to be sued for defamation, you want …

The Pleasure Dome’s ‘Pretty Picture’ Is A Confrontation With Self-Love

Clash Magazine

“Maybe I’m a narcissist / Maybe I can’t see / That all my best traits / Are my insecurities…” Discussing the lyrics, Spender comments… “Self love is …

How Narcissists Withhold Love to Control Their Partners

Psychology Today

One of the common mistakes about narcissism is that the narcissist is in full control of their behavior. The narcissist is often portrayed as someone who …

Narcissistic traits in young people and how experiencing shame relates to current attachment …

BMC Psychiatry – BioMed Central

Young people with pathological narcissistic traits may have more maladaptive ways of relating to themselves and others. In this study, we investigated …

Ex-GOP congressman slams former party for its ‘blind loyalty to someone whose level of narcissism …


We ought to be loyal to our Constitution, to principles that we have, but blind loyalty to someone whose level of narcissism, frankly, is extraordinary is …

All The Times Chris Manipulated Paige To Meet His Narcissistic Needs On “Married At First Sight”


Chris Of MAFS Was A Textbook Narcissist. A Psychologist Explains How To Pinpoint The Emotionally. LaJoy Cox of LaJoy Photography; The First Look …

Ex’s continued harassment mars wife’s happy divorce.

I am happily divorced after nearly 20 years of marriage to a narcissist. My ex cheated throughout our marriage, lied repeatedly and was abusive. He left me for another woman.

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Signs Your Husband is Going to Leave You For Another Woman


The term ‘Narcissism‘ originated more than 2000 years ago when Ovid wrote the ‘Legend of Narcissus‘, which tells the story of a beautiful Greek hunter, …

Trump’s ‘exceptional narcissism’ makes him ‘wholly unfit’ for the presidency — and made his impeachment ‘inevitable’: George Conway.

Trump was especially angry at Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell, who was among the many Democrats who voted for his impeachment. But conservative attorney George Conway is one person on the right who has no sympathy whatsoever for Trump,

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The Shades of Populism in Narendra Modi’s Politics of Infrastructure

The Wire

The construction of a new city for narcissistic pursuits of a single … a similar sentiment of narcissism, self-love and public apathy in the politics of …

The Inside-Out Narcissist

Psychology Today

A primary feature of Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a lack of empathy in interpersonal relationships. A person with strong narcissistic tendencies is …

Career success in the University setting: Examining the role of narcissism facets

The purpose of this research is to examine the association of narcissism facets with subjective and objective career success, as well as the impact of the professional field.

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8 signs someone in your life is a narcissist and how to set healthy boundaries with them


Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition that can … A survey of 2219 relatives of narcissists indicated that this could also extend to …

Why Narcissists Make Life so Exhausting for Everyone Else

Psychology Today

People high in narcissism have a tendency to manipulate you to achieve their goals, no matter how unreasonable. New research suggests the deficits …

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been lobbying the United States government for prison reform

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Am I Dating A Narcissist?

British Vogue

What kind of traits do narcissists possess? “Someone who has narcissistic personality traits may be masking an underlying sense of shame, inadequacy …

How Do I Deal with Narcissist Father?

I’m sorry for the loss of your mother and for the bind you are in. Since your father has a long history of being hurtful toward you, it’s not likely he will change.

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Moral superiority, a political vice – 05/15/2021 – Latinoamérica

21KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper

A study published by the University of Pennsylvania titled “Narcissism in Political Participation” shows that people with narcissistic tendencies are more …

Enmeshed Emotional Incest: The “Innocent” Abuser and “Grateful” Abusee

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NARCIFIXION will hopefully strike a chord with school students

The Sydney Morning Herald… 1/2 Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, May 13. This is a curious offering. The title sets the theme: narcissism and the prospect of a nasty fate …

New study provides insight into how people with dark personality traits think about happiness


But narcissistic personality traits are associated with the endorsement of … Firstly, the scale of narcissism used in this study predominantly measures …

The Greatest Article Ever Written by a Narcissist

The Good Men Project

Notwithstanding his occasional illusions of omnipotence, the narcissist depends on others to … “The Culture of Narcissism,” Christopher Lasch, 1979.