The Thrive program of Melanie Accelerate Your Healing From Abuse Trauma!

Narcissistic abuse is agonizingly punishing and disturbingly disorienting. 

It can be easy to stay trapped in this type of relation even though you know it’s awful for you.  And even when you do leave, it’s very common to experience debilitating psychological, emotional and health issues after the event. Melanie Tonia Evans first discovered this back in 2007 when she was married to a man  who was intent on destructing her. Because of that experience she could develop the thrive program of Melanie!

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She managed to get out of the relationship but spent several years with chronic psychological and physical issues as well as diminished self-esteem and lack of trust in other people. 

At the time, Melanie was told that it was medically impracticable for her to recover from such horrific abuse and the deep depression she was experiencing.

What began out of desperation became an inspired journey to discover why she couldn’t move on with her life. 

Along the way she made astounding discoveries about why she had been drawn to toxic and narcissistic people.

She made discoveries about how the trauma that was now embedded deep within her psyche was controlling her life and not allowing her to get better.

After regaining control of her life, she realized that many people around the world were facing the same issue of being struck down in painful, toxic relationships.

She decided to turn her discoveries into a mission to help as many people as she could.

Fast-forward to today, and Melanie has been able to thrive ampler and better than she ever had, even before narcissistic abuse.  And she has personally helped tens of thousands of people with her programs. She has inspired millions of people all around the world. 

Her most recent hands-on course the “Thrive program of Melanie” is available for anyone who wants to learn her teachings and be inspired by the Thriver method to healing from narcissistic abuse.

Starting on September 5th, her team will be running a 10-week healing bootcamp with the thrive program of Melanie.

This bootcamp is to help anyone who isn’t currently “Thriving” after narcissistic abuse.

Melanie says is a state you reach when you no longer have any fear or pain attached to the relationship. 

What’s great about this work is that Melanie has personally been through the experience.

 She has the track record of helping thousands of people create truly breakthrough recoveries. 

The first Thrive Membership Program allowed many participants to achieve astounding breakthroughs in record time. 

If you are committed to wanting to heal your painful past, then I highly recommend the 10-Week Thrive Program of Melanie.

To learn more and register for Melanie’s coming 10-Week Thrive Program,  just go here.

You will need to act fast as the program begins on September 5th and I have been told by her team that spots are filling up fast. 

With love Johan and Annemie!

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