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The boot camp of Melanie: to Destroy the Effects Of Narcissistic Abuse!

You might have read our articles to you about Melanie Tonia Evan’s upcoming 10-week program called The Thrive Membership Program. In this boot camp of Melanie will be connecting with an extraordinary group of souls who have decided to make their narcissist-free Thriver life a reality.  Are you in any way still stuck in the […]

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Wie steunt en moedigt je aan in je traumaherstel? Thrive mensen.

Ik weet persoonlijk hoe verwarrend en demoraliserend de nasleep van een narcistische relatie is. Je kunt maandenlang proberen te begrijpen wat er met je is gebeurd. Maandenlang probeer je verantwoording af te leggen. Andere thrive mensen laat je de realiteit zien van wat deze narcistische persoon je heeft aangedaan. En dan krijg je een aha-moment. […]

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What Thrive does on The Misconceptions of narcissistic abuse!

I couldn’t believe this fact about abuse! Narcissistic abuse can create so much loss, pain, and destruction in every part of your world. Your health, your wealth, your sanity, your family, your career, everything you will find pain and loss after narcissistic abuse. The good news, you can change that with Thrive. International narcissistic abuse […]