Symptoms, causes and treatment of nervous breakdown.


We are passionate about serving the greater mission.

Our mission is to spread global awareness of narcissistic abuse.

We spread global awareness about the tools to heal for real, to break the cycle of violence/abused for us and our future generations.

I am also noticing people saying “I just can’t keep going on like this anymore”.

One of the most powerful ways I have discovered to shift out of egoic pain and fear is to embrace the experiences which bring them up.

I am talking about the breakdowns, which are when you feel a trigger so deep within your core that you feel the pain throughout every cell of your body.

This video from is going to explain why I have learned to embrace these painful moments in my life.

This video will explain how you can do the same to experience phenomenal growth, evolution and expansion.

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We are out-reachers who are here to help you to invincibility and overcome your internal blockages so that you can create an incredibly beautiful life!

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