Single Parents create Positive News.

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Single Dad Shows How To Deal With Black Girls’ Hair.

Having become a single father seven years ago, Darious Bland, faced too many unforeseen troubles. One of them was doing his daughter’s hair.

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Anna Faris runs from the car in pizza shop top as she plays a single mother in Overboard remake.

She is playing the Kurt Russell role in the gender-flipped remake of Overboard.

Why I kept every single pair of my daughter’s shoes.

From the pink baby shoes that she’d taken her first steps into the high heels of today. Seeing them all laid out made me feel an enormous sense of achievement.


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In our attempt to empower women, many times we forget that if we don’t pay heed to the contribution of men in the society, a situation can arise wherein, we need to empower people.

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Single parents pay more for family holidays.

Research carried out for Sky News has shown that parents traveling on their own with one child could pay up to 28% more for the same holiday as two adults with one child.

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Mom-economics: How to handle money while being a single mom.

I know it’s a tricky and uncomfortable subject especially when we use the word budget.

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Time for civil society to step up to help single moms with housing.

When the Government won’t change its stance on single moms and subsidized housing, it’s time for the rest of us to take action. Consider shared housing for single moms. Start-ups, create an app to match single moms with those willing to rent to them.

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Nathan Crabbe: Consider better ways to involve parents.

At our most recent meeting, a mother of four students in local schools, Chanae Baker, presented an interesting idea: requiring monthly parent-teacher conferences.

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10 Ways to Help Your Friend’s Children Through Divorce.

They are relieved to be in a more peaceful environment, yet many changes continue to happen both inside and outside of their home.

‘Be Strong’.

Almost all of them had weak relationships with one or both parents or were raised by a single parent due to divorce or the death of one parent.

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Prioritizing Kids’ Needs While Dating As A Single Parent.

With this increasing occurrence of single, divorced and widowed relatives in the dating scene, there’s a growing concern about prioritizing children’s needs while balancing personal ones.

Ex-boyfriend spread her nude pic, accused her of being money cheat.

Highlighting the plight of single mothers at a press conference in his office, Chong said Wong, who is from Johor, was in a relationship with the man since 2010 but broke it off after having enough of the man’s controlling ways.

Burnaby father reaches out to other single dads.

You end up with the first page of Google all being for single moms, and there’s nothing wrong with that because the numbers prove that there’s a lot of single moms out there because there’s a lot of deadbeat men,” Dieno says.

As A ‘Responsible’ Dad & A ‘Paranoid’ Mom, KJo Is Enjoying The Thrills Of Being A Single Parent.

The ace filmmaker is loving the time he is spending with his kids, and that is one of the reasons why he hasn’t been to work for two weeks. His children, Roohi and Yash, born through surrogacy, are two-months-old, and he just cannot stop gushing over them.

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Life with Gracie: Gwinnett single mom makes medical history.

At that age, she hadn’t seen many doctors who looked like her, and even at 30, the single mother is well aware of the dearth of African-American doctors in general and black female physicians in particular.

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Thank you for the change you brought to film mom roles.

Mothers have always been famous in Hindi cinema. It’s not that they had particularly significant roles to play (with the exception, perhaps, of Nargis in Mother India), but they were key to help set the patriarchal tone.

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