The founder of ’22 Words’ gave us 6 tips on how to turn your blog into a business

Back in 2008, Abraham Piper, a single parent set up the blog 22 Words to share pictures of his children, write about books, and try to be “convincingly contrary to anyone who would listen.”


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The right effort of generosity.


Don’t expect much from a drowning man. He’s not going to offer you a candy bar or ask how your day was.


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I’m A Single Parent Mom, & For Me, Self-Care Is A Privilege, Not A Right.


Doing things for yourself usually means you’re able to set aside any time for yourself at all. For a single parent mom, finding that time can be close to impossible.


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Living on the Edge: Single mom strives to break the homeless cycle.


Quinn and her son came to the Harbour House, an emergency family shelter in New Bedford, at the end of the December looking to break out of the homeless loop that she has been caught in since she was a child. It was the same loop her mother, Sheila Cain, was caught in.


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Single mother cooks up 68 healthy meals in just FOUR hours for only $2.90 per bowl – and reveals her simple tips for how you can do it too.


Ms. Green, who spent just $200 on groceries for the cook, documented the entire process in pictures and shared her top tips for those wishing to give it a go.


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In Iowa, children and families will go hungry without a living wage.


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program have at least one working family member, and three-quarters of recipients are families with children. No child should be made to go hungry due to their parents’ struggle to find work that provides an adequate income.


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Single Parents group to provide skills to lead successful families.


The Single Parents Support Foundation has taken up this task to help ease the burden of single parenthood all over the country.


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NGO to train 50 single parents annually.


A non-governmental organization, Poverty Aid Uplifting Lives (PAUL), says it will train 50 single parents annually in the various locations as part of efforts to empower them to become self-reliant.

Photo by Anna Roguszczak


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