Quanta Freedom Healing session: “Connecting the Power of Source” +video

Quanta Freedom Healing session: “Connecting the Power of Source” +video

What’s better than shifting out trauma and bringing in True Source Light in its place? 

Nothing really, except doing a quanta freedom healing session live in the collective energy with many other beautiful souls! 

In two days from now, Melanie is holding a special NARP’ers only live Quanta Freedom Healing session and Thrive Boot camp information session. View the starting time in your time zone. To become a NARPER click on the NARPER link.

If you haven’t participated in focused live healings with Melanie and the Thriver community before, this is your chance to log in from the comfort of your own home and experience what it’s like to do a quanta freedom heeling session.

We’ll be doing a powerful Quanta Freedom Healing session on “Connecting to the Power and Guidance of Source”.

 Click here to register for FREE

Melanie have cracked another Quantum Code that creates multiplied and magnified shifts through collective healing containers. You will have to experience it to know what I mean!

I know just what a super-boost this will give you! 

And then Melanie will be sharing information about her upcoming 10-week Thrive Membership Boot camp – which is currently open for registrations and begins on September 5th. 

What we’ll be covering: 

How Thrive can accelerate you powerfully to the next stage of your healing journey after NARP.

The lessons we’ll be covering in Thrive. Hint: They have very little to do with narcissists! 

Common QFH mistakes or issues Melanie can help you with to make your healing sessions far more powerful.

There is of course no obligation, you can just come and participate in the live healing for free if you like. 

I’d love to see you there: Click here to register for FREE

Melanie will send out a replay the following day for you as well :).

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nieuw boek van Melanie Tonia Evans

In this paperback e-book audiobook you will find Melanie’s method of recovery that we highly recommend. After all, we have applied that blooming method to ourselves. For that reason, many personal experiences are the result of the daily use of Melanie’s method that we describe in our texts.

Take a look at the following English-language programs because they have helped me a lot:

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The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program — Silver Membership

Quantum Healing Starter Pack

De Empowered Self Course

Transforming Family Of Origin Wounds

You can thrive after narcissistic abuse one-day workshop (Europe + Oceanië)

You can thrive after narcissistic abuse one-day workshop (Americas)

Thrive membership program, September 2021

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