NARP Program video and audio in English: What does the NARP program offer you?

Today we will go into the depths of what the NARP program can offer you.

Make sure that you can draw your complete attention, that you are comfortable to watch and listen, have something on hand to record your own reactions and of course something to drink.

Make sure you wear the appropriate clothing to feel comfortable. Make sure you cannot be disturbed. And be with us.


The NARP program offers you – thanks for watching the video.


The NARP program offers you … Please listen to audio 1.


The NARP program offers you … Please listen to audio 2.


Share as many details as possible about your experience with narcissism and especially about your efforts for your recovery as you can in the comments.

More than 1000 beautiful souls visit here every day for insight and inspiration, among other things. to be able to give their children the education they need despite the narcissist or to be able to completely free themselves from the narcissistic context.

Your story may be exactly what someone needs to view things from a new perspective.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the responses. Links to other messages, videos, etc. can be deleted.

Thank you so much for listening, reading and watching, sharing and encouraging this community with your own unique voice.

Keep pursuing your dream, because the world really needs that special gift that only you have.

With lots of love,


Annemie Persyn Declercq



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