Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program, NARP! Part 1 +video

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program, NARP! Part 1 +video

A Simple System That Anyone Can Use To Break Free From The Trauma Of Abuse.

NARP The Narcissistic Abuse
Recovery Program.

Melanie is an internationally recognized narcissistic abuse recovery expert, and the bestselling author of You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse.

Since NARP’s – Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program – conception in 2010, Melanie has aided the recoveries of over 20,000 people, from more than 90 countries, who are now thriving in their abuse-free lives.

Melanie believes that suffering abuse doesn’t have to impact you for the rest of your life. Instead, it is a calling to transform yourself into a confident, happy, stable and radiant person, more than you’ve ever been.

Thriver Success Stories on this Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program.

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Iva Tijan, Croatia.

Iva healed her mother wounds from a toxic family upbringing and is now thriving beyond her wildest dreams – in all aspects of her life.

Samantha Seager, UK.

Samantha is now thriving, confident, and courageous, playing her dream role in the musical version of ‘Only Fools and Horses’.

Nikki Weigal, USA.

Nikki gained full custody of her children and as a result of healing with NARP is seeing her two boys grow up in leaps and bounds.

Narcissistic Abuse recovery program

Who Is NARP For? Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program

  • Anyone who has had enough of suffering disappointing and painful relationships with others, life and self, and who is willing to put in the inner work to heal.
  • Any individual suffering an abusive relationship with an intimate partner, family member, friend, colleague, neighbor or even their child.
  • Anyone 18 years and older.
  • Men and women.
  • People from all religious denominations, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations.
  • Those still in the relationship or have left one recently; those who have been separated for many years; and those who are co-parenting, whether even in contact or not.

We Understand You.

NARP takes your personal circumstances into account.


Your member’s area is secured under your private log-in and is accessible from any of your devices anywhere in the world. There is no need to receive any physical goods.

Support the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program.

Gold NARP Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program programma Only.

You receive a 24-hours-a-day support network, complete with guidance, encouragement, and support from thousands of Thrivers at different stages of recovery. Furthermore, you get direct access to Melanie and the NARP moderator team for help and support with all your questions.

At your pace, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program.

Use the program as much as you want to when you want. If life gets in the way, that’s okay. You have lifetime access – it’s not going anywhere!

Step-by-step Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program.

You don’t have to work anything out because the program has already been charted for you. Each module comes with instructional videos and learning material so that you never feel stuck or get lost.

NARP Quanta Freedom Healing Modules.

Proven to be the most effective system in the world to recover from narcissistic abuse. The ten NARP Quanta Freedom Healing Modules take you on a journey from the early stages of utter despair, shame and devastation, to relief and hope, to getting peace and normality back into your life, to finally detaching from the narcissist, freeing yourself and beginning your new, abuse-free life.

No matter your situation, if you’ve been hurt by toxic or painful relationships, the NARP modules are life-changing.


Release the immediate pain and feelings of loss.

In Module One, you begin releasing the full painful charges and trauma of narcissistic abuse.

By doing so, you will start to break free from painful inner constriction. Your panicked thoughts begin to ease as space opens up inside of you.

As a result of working with Module One, you can expect to start feeling relief as layer by layer you shift the pain and fear out of your body. At this stage, you are clearing out the first, all-consuming, level of pain to set up a base to propel you forward in your healing journey.


Release the illusion of this person as my source of self.

After starting to feel relief and hope, it’s time to release this deadly hook – the feeling that you can’t live or generate your life without the narcissist.

At this vital second step, you will release the illusion that the narcissist was your source of love, approval, security or survival, and reverse this to become your own reliable source to yourself.

After completing this module, you will experience a significant decrease in your feelings of addiction, loss, and longing for the narcissist.


Forgive yourself and life for what you have been through.

One of the biggest blocks to healing from abuse is dealing with internal shame. In this module, we target and release blame, shame and non-accepting yourself and your life because of what’s happened to you; we heal these emotions into self-love and self-acceptance.

As a result of working with this module, you can expect feelings of freedom, peace and renewed inspiration for your life.


Release and heal the pain of injustice and betrayal.

Step four of your healing journey is about releasing your trauma created by the narcissist’s behaviour.

This module is invaluable to clear away the pain and fear of lies, deceit, smear campaigns and other narcissistic tactics.

After working with this module, you will feel like an intense weight has been lifted as your obsessional thoughts melt away, and you start to live free from abuse patterns and the narcissist’s ability to keep hurting you.

When you are no longer vibrating in the pain of injustice, you cease to be a magnet for it. The narcissist’s ability to continue acting out against you is disarmed.


Let go of the fight to win and your need for justice.

Trying to make the narcissist accountable is one of the most fabulous hooks to keep you attached to handing your power over.

When you release yourself from the painful and panicked feelings of needing to get justice or to make the narcissist be accountable, peace and power arises from within.

After working with this module, regardless of what the narcissist does or doesn’t do, you will have total emotional closure and feel a profound sense of detachment and relief.

It is usual after you work through this module, for the narcissist to completely lose their control over you.


Release and heal the need to take responsibility for the narcissist.

Feeling responsible for the narcissist keeps you attached – painfully and dangerously.

If you are empathetic and stay attached, you will be scapegoated and blamed for the narcissist’s poor behaviour.

This module is vital because it grants you relief, detachment, and a release from believing it is your responsibility to fix the narcissist and take the blame for their shortcomings.

Incredible clarity and the ability to partner healthily with yourself and others, in a way that no longer enables others to hurt you, come as a result of working with this module.


Connect to the gift of your own spiritual empowerment.

In step seven of your journey, you will shift into the more profound acceptance and purpose of why you were in a narcissistic relationship.

This creates a robust anchoring into realizing that life is operating ‘through you’ and not ‘to you’, granting you the ability to transcend your woundedness and to evolve.

After completing this module, you will start feeling optimistic about your goals and, as your life begins to flourish, begin to sense many future possibilities.


Release and heal the fear of the narcissist, and whatever he or she may do next.

This module is one of the most-used healing sessions in NARP (Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program), and for a good reason.

Narcissists can be ruthless in custody and property settlements, with abuse by proxy through the use of authorities, and when trying to hook you back into the relationship.

When you can shift your pain and fear out of your Inner Being, you extinguish their ability to hurt you. This is because narcissists are energetic vampires who can’t generate their energy.

Many NARP (Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program) members have had false charges dropped, smear campaigns against them dissolve away, and miraculous custody and property settlements in their favor, as a result of working this module diligently.


Release and heal the connection to the narcissist.

This module is not just about cutting the energetic ties, it’s the process to raise your energy into your True Self-state where you are no longer a vibrational match for a narcissist.

After using this module, you will experience the release of the last pieces of grief, loss, and pain connecting you to the narcissist.

As a result, you will have a much higher ability to move forward into your new life without memories and old wounds resurfacing.

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