Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program NARP Melanie Tonia Evans.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program.

Letting go of the pain and reconstructing your life is achievable.

Here’s how to end the cycle of abuse. You can start living the amazing life that you do deserve.

Melanie Tonia Evans is a tremendously inspiring healer from Australia.  She is the founder of the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP). Melanie has developed a technique called Quanta Freedom Healing.

Her focus is on changing ourselves from within. You can change yourself on a subconscious level. To overcome trauma and transform our lives for the better, you can start your healing now.  She suffered severe abuse during and after relationships with narcissists.

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There is a chemical dependence that is created when you are in/leave a connection with someone with NPD. Your body has become used to being in a state of fight/flight, high alert, fog, weirdness, anarchy and stress all the time.

It is natural to literally experience withdrawal implications as you come off that. That is just like, literally the same as coming off a drug craving.  You can feel slightly worse than better just after breaking your contact with the NPD.

This is why people sometimes go back to abusive relationships.

Melanie says that “no contact” with the perpetrator is necessary or “modified contact” if children are included.

The months after the narcissistic abuse has ended/contact has been severed and things quieten down is rated a real danger time.

Symptoms like adrenaline surges, panic attacks, PTSD (post-traumatic stress), flashbacks, obsessive feelings and depression are widespread in the months or years afterwards.

Of course, knowing what is happening and seeking an appropriate level of support can substantially decrease the hardness of such symptoms.

You must focus on yourself and what you need to heal.

Melanie Tonia Evans is an Australian who specializes in Narcissistic Personality Disorder. You can join her informative newsletter.

Annemie recommends NARP.

Melanie’s great Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) is what I now recommend to all my clients or contacts who feel they have been in this kind of bond.

Clients who have used it to speak very highly of it.

Her program helps you relieve the pain out of your body energetically, and deal with many other appearances, such as releasing the myth of the “perfect” partner.

Being an online and downloadable program, you can use the modules every day if needed on every device, to help you move forwards forcefully and decisively.

NARP is useful whether you’ve just left such a relationship, or you know you’re holding on to wounds from years ago.

I recommend it to anyone who has undergone any form of abuse in any relationship, people who feel they always attract unavailable partners, who fear being abandoned or who just can’t draw the connection they seek.

Healing any emotional wounds related to these issues is worthwhile, and this program helps you do that on a deep level.

In fact, I used this program myself to heal from a relationship with someone who had NPD.

Paying attention to red flags is undoubtedly wise.  Here is the best “defense”.

  • Acknowledging you can and will remove people from your life who put you down or don’t respect your opinions, needs and boundaries.
  • Knowing you are always better off (alone) than with someone who is handling you poorly.
  • Knowing you are deserving of love and respect.
  • Respecting and caring for yourself – as your first preference.
  • Knowing that your “weaknesses” and “faults” are not a reason for put-downs.
  • Expecting other people in your life to treat you with respect and courtesy, even if they disagree with you, are stressed, are going through “a difficult time”, had a challenging childhood or whatever.
  • Learning to trust your feelings and gut instinct – and acting on them.
  • Having a strong “no” and backing it up with action if it’s not heard.

With Love xx


Annemie Persyn Declercq

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NARP Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program NARP Melanie Tonia Evans.

The relationship between narcissist and co-dependent.

I know people are struggling in powerlessness.

The daily struggle to cope with narcissistic abuse.

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