What you do if mothers are victims of alienating narcissistic parent?

More and more Mothers are victims of alienating parent. Enduring the experience of parental alienation is also a profound form of psychological trauma experienced by targeted parents.

The counsel for the child and youth care do nothing or very little against parental alienation.

What exactly is a narcissistic parent, and what is an alienated parent?

What tactics he/she uses is, in most cases, not understood by social workers and psychologists. In the legal world (Justice), there is too little knowledge penetrated about narcissistic parent behaviour and an alienated parent.

The analysis of the situation of a child remains superficial. The child is, therefore, usually not central to their way of working. Many mothers were ostracised to get help.

On the other hand, they will have the consequences later in the life of the child. The environment (social and family) did not see what happened.

You, the alienated parent, the victim are often seen as the unstable ex that can not handle the separation.

Meanwhile, there is no monitoring of the observance of rights of access imposed by the court.  Even if there is a supervision order for the deal no control is following.

Therefore, you, as an alienated parent, should only accept it if your minor son or daughter wants to live with his father.  Presumed that he doesn’t want to see or speak to you anymore.

All in all,  you have no point if that happens one day after they become 18 years old. Even though you know that the current mental instability will be going to worsen.

The Alienated Parent trauma.

Enduring the experience of parental alienation is also a profound form of psychological trauma experienced by targeted parents.

It is both acute and chronic and externally inflicted.

It is thus a type of domestic violence directed at the target alienated parent. The fact that children witness such abuse of a parent also makes alienation a form of child abuse.

This is perhaps the principal source of anxiety for the alienated parents.  They,  who witness the abuse of their children are prevented from protecting them.

Although not all parents who are victims of parental alienation experienced trauma.  While at the same event that plunges one parent into wound may not do so with another.

Although those parents who are firmly attached to their children are most traumatised. Instead, because they were actively involved in their lives.

Many mothers think they would be better off if they hadn’t asked for help to the authorities.

In most cases, a practitioner will use his professional secret to give away information about your ex.  Also, he will probably inform your ex about your question.

And then the horrible advice to forgive and let go.  As well to burn all the past items leaving you without evidence and proofs.

If you could do anything, you would first have to gain more information from different mothers experiences. You would want to know the vision from experts in similar situations like yours.

You, as an alienated parent, would study narcissism as much as possible.

Remember, the parenting of the targeted parent is entirely in the normal range. In the first place, because the child is in no danger. After all, the child does not need any protection from that alienated parent.

In parental alienation situations, the targeted alienated parent is put on the defensive.

Among other things, the alienated parent must continually try to prove to therapists and others that she is not “abusive” of the child. The targeted alienated parent is often blamed for the child’s rejection.

Even though he or she did nothing wrong: “You must have done something wrong if your child doesn’t want to be with you.”

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Fortunately, not all children developmental disorders.

Yet it is almost impossible for most alienated mothers not to become depressed.

In this upside-down world. In the first place because your child is being taken from you. Nevertheless, no one seems to care or understand. The emotional trauma inflicted on the targeted parent is severe.

And last but not least, you can imagine that the grief of the targeted parent is deep.

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