Narcissism in the news

Narcissism in the news

The 7 Types of Narcissists You Need to Know About, According to a TherapistInStyle

Studies show that the number of college-age students with narcissistic personality traits has increased significantly over the past two to three decades

Narcissistic individuals perceive keepsakes from past relationships as trophies

PsyPost Narcissistic individuals are more likely to keep objects from their ex-partners as trophy keepsakes, according to new research published in Personality …

If you had this dark personality trait as a child, you’re likely a leader now Ladders

Narcissism linked to strong leadership skills later in life. A new study published in the March issue of Psychological Science suggests that narcissistic …

How To Stop Getting Tangled Up in Narcissistic Relationships

The Good Men Project First, someone who could be formally diagnosable with Narcissistic Personality Disorder proper, (NPD) is not necessarily the same thing as someone …

The Truth About Dealing With Someone Who Has a Narcissistic Personality

The Good Men Project A person with narcissism seems to care about no one but themselves and has no remorse for anyone else. Why does this happen? Why is dealing …

5 Reasons Not to Start a Relationship With a Narcissist

Psychology Today A romantic relationship with a partner who has narcissistic personality disorder is likely to become exhausting and debilitating.

How to Break Free From the Narcissist Cycle

The Good Men can be controlling, and they don’t know boundaries. The codependent and narcissist both come from narcissistic parents. What sets them apart is …

Why self-compassion is a powerful leadership tool

CEOWORLD magazine

In her book, she quotes a study of 15,000 US college students conducted over 20 years which found a direct link between self-esteem and narcissism …

Narcissism, narcissistic, narcissism in the news

How to Break Free From the Narcissist Cycle
The Good Men Project

They can be controlling, and they don’t know boundaries. The codependent and narcissist both come from narcissistic parents. What sets them apart is …

If You Want To Be More Charismatic, Stop Saying This Word

The Narcissism Ratio is a simple way to help you talk less about yourself. When you’re writing a memo or giving a presentation, just count the number …

Parenting as a Cause of Narcissism

Wiley Online Library

est in narcissism as there is in 2010. Indeed, the development of self- report measures of trait narcissism, those that assess narcissism as a personality …

13 Telltale Signs You’re In A One-Sided Friendship & How To Handle It

That’s not to say all one-sided friendships involve full-blown narcissists, Nuñez notes, but it’s certainly something to consider. Some narcissistic qualities …

What is the Dark Triad and how does it affect relationships?

You’ve possibly never heard of Dark Triad personality traits, but if you’re someone … (being cunning and manipulative), psychopathy and narcissism.

Narcissistic Abuse: Warning SignsCauses, Advice & Support and Former DEA Agent Accuses …the Arkatech

As employees return, flexibility is key to post-pandemic workspace. A year after Oakland man’s murder conviction was reversed over prosecutor’s …

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist: 7 Therapist-Backed Tips for Making It Work

Yahoo Lifestyle

Signs of a Narcissistic Parent. Most people exhibit narcissistic behaviors from time to time, but those who have multiple, deeply ingrained narcissistic …

America: a nation of narcissists?


America: a nation of narcissists? The famed sociologist Robert Putnam re-examines its fraying social fabric.

So Your In-Laws Are Narcissists: Here’s How To Deal,

From Psychologists

But with the right approach, it’s possible to deal with narcissistic in-laws. We talked to licensed therapists to find out how. Signs your in-laws might be …

When Will The Africa Giant Rise?

Modern Ghana

It is this incredible narcissism that makes it possible for Europeans to build a Fortress Europe, where foreigners are welcomed only after they have …

Takers and Leavers: Which are you?

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

Cain, the jealous, narcissistic bully, represents the Takers; Abel symbolizes the Leavers, who champion equality, peace, love and harmony within their …

Author Exposes how Churches, Leaders Abuse Members with Damaging Results

Standard Newswire

Hammond found her faith in God after falling victim to narcissistic verbal, … one million listeners to her podcast, Understanding Today’s Narcissist.

Woman to Run 285 Miles in a Wedding Dress to Raise Awareness for Narcissistic Domestic Abuse

PEOPLE.comNarcissistic abuse is an insidious form of domestic violence,” she explains on Tuesday’s episode. “Narcissists generally will use the wedding or an …

America’s “narcissism pandemic”: Tom Nichols, author of “Our Own Worst Enemy”

GZERO Media“There is a real selfishness and self-absorption and narcissism that has come with living in a country that is peaceful, prosperous, affluent, super high …

The Rise of the Wine Influencer


It’s just the lack of expertise and obvious narcissism that strain credulity. In general, influencers are dominated by entertainers and models and focus on …

Do You Have Main Character Syndrome?


Broadly speaking, it describes people who act as if life is a movie and they are the central character. In this way it is comparable to narcissism, and can …

Research shows reality TV is not ‘harmless entertainment’

South West Londoner… show toxic behaviour such as Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives franchise can increase aggression, manipulation and narcissism in viewers.

Op-Ed: Treating Mental Illness Won’t Prevent Mass Shootings

MedPage Today

Instead, many have traits of narcissism, depression, inability to empathize, and entitlement — indicators of poor coping mechanisms, but not …

Doing This One Thing Will Make You Less of a Jerk, Say Psychologists

Eat This, Not That

They’re narcissistic. … the July 2021 edition of the journal Personality and Individual Differences found that the biggest sign of true narcissist isn’t even ..

Secrets to success – Dr Ramani Durvasula

She has been sought out in various media outlets for her expertise on narcissistic personality disorder and narcissistic abuse. This includes Red Table …

Psychological Games in Family Court: Missouri Parents Speak Out About Being Falsely Diagnosed …

PJ Media

During my trip to St. Louis, Missouri to dig deeper into the family court … have a criminal conviction which I do not— I was diagnosed as a narcissist, …

Why Do Some People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder Play the Victim?

denial; delusions of grandeur; grandiosity; projection; need for control; narcissistic rage; low empathy. Not everyone who plays the victim has NPD.

How To Watch Out For A Narcissistic Sociopath

The Good Men Project

narcissistic sociopath is somebody who has symptoms from both narcissism and antisocial personality disorder. A narcissist is someone who has an …

Domestic Violence: It’ll take inner transformation to change the narrative —


It is concerning to me that people are narcissisticNarcissism comes from deep-rooted childhood wounds.

If you prefer city living over nature, you might be a psychopath: study

New York Post… resulting data showed a correlation between socially averse personality traits — like sadism and narcissism — and being partial to inner-city living.