Narcissism in the news

Narcissism in the news

Six Ways to Help A Child Who Has A Toxic Friend

A sudden change in a child’s mental health may point to a toxic friendship.

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Study reveals the actual reason narcissists succeed.

There are only slight differences between people with high self-esteem and people with narcissistic tendencies. This is why we tend to see so many narcissists succeed in the workplace.

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Elizabeth Wurtzel and a career born of suffering

Elizabeth Wurtzel has died aged 52. She wrote with searing honesty and narcissism, starting with the eradefining ‘Prozac Nation’, spotlighting her depression, says Suzanne Harrington.

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9 Types of Men That Make Bad Husbands

When we get married, our lives change forever. Nobody said marriage was easy. In fact, it takes a lot of work.

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We Assume Narcissists Lack Empathy, but Something Else May Be Going On

We generally assume that narcissistic people lack empathy, and we employ this assumption to account for some of their undesirable behaviors and traits. However, in some circumstances, individuals with a narcissistic personality disorder may display empathy, which can be confusing. Many narcissistic people who seem to lack empathy for other humans in their lives can express enormous compassion for …

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Trump Sign, Started as a Prank, Pits Neighbors Against Each Other

By the time I talked to Kevin Chambers on Wednesday, he’d already done eight interviews and had more left to go. Some of his interviews were with national media outlets, others local, but the subject was all the same: a 15-foot high Trump sign that is currently towering over Chambers’s yard in Bremerton, a story that was first reported by the Kitsap Sun and quickly went viral.

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More “Narcissism of Small Differences”

The above phrase by Sigmund Freud seems to sum up the central method of how humanity is destined to destroy itself.

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Pay attention

Have you ever wondered why some people struggle with the fact that the world does not revolve around them? If you have, congratulations! (or not), you have just met a classic narcissist.

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What Does It Mean to Be “Zombied” in Relationships?

“Zombied,” “breadcrumbed,” and “haunted” capture age-old relationship behaviors.

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Airbnb’s Software Patent Rates Your Psychopathy Based On Your Social Media Activity

It is true that we can reasonably expect to bargain away our data in exchange for using a free social platform. That is the deal. But naively, one would hope that platforms just uses us as grist for the ad mil, rather than putting our blogs on trial for thoughtcrimes.

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Why Ricky Gervais’s Criticism of Hollywood Is So Satisfying

I make it a habit to never watch any of the Hollywood award shows. To me, they serve as a grotesque manifestation of self-congratulatory debauchery stemming from people who are otherwise extraordinary in how ordinary they are.

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Encouraging self-belief this new year

The new year, pregnant with its promises, hopes, dreams, and aspirations, is the perfect time to encourage our children to believe in themselves and what they are capable of achieving.

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Paulina Porizkova, 54, shares makeup-free selfie: ‘This is what I really look like’

Paulina Porizkova is all about self-love in 2020.

The 54-year-old supermodel posted a makeup-free selfie on Thursday and called out “narcissism” and why the influence of social media can be dangerous.

What Three Factors Predict If a Child Will Become a Narcissist?

How nature, nurture, and fate combine to determine narcissism.

It is tempting to blame the parents when a child grows up to develop a narcissistic personality disorder. However, there can be other factors that can contribute to that outcome or make a narcissistic disorder less likely.

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In his first solo show in almost 10 yrs, Bose Krishnamachari turns the lens on us

The Mirror Sees Best in the Dark employs the extremes of minimalism and maximalism, the artist says, to confront the increasingly extreme discourses that shape our consciousness.

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