Join the Thrive online bootcamp now to recover from trauma! +video

Join the Thrive online bootcamp now to recover from trauma! +video

Thrive Membership Program

A 10-week program to heal the trauma of abuse, so you can set your wings and fly.

I want to tell you about Thrive online bootcamp, which Melanie touched on at the start of this video below.

It is the 10-week healing Bootcamp course that is about all of this:

Granting you back to yourself.

Your alignment, your truth, your values.

How to release everything that is not that so that very quickly and powerfully you can take your Soul, spirit and your sanity back.

Now, the first Bootcamp course, the 10-week one that we did, surpassed my wildest expectations.

Thrive had showed powerfully it helped members of this incredible community heal, even those that have been struggling and had found nothing that was working for them, just like it can, and will for you also.

Thrive online bootcamp
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I’d love to invite you to take part and break free from all of this trauma of trying to fix and hang in there as well as all of the other nasties that go with narcissistic abuse, by joining me every week for powerful discoveries, life-changing Quantum Freedom Healing sessions for that 10 week period.

Click here to register for your spot in the thrive online bootcamp.

I really hope today has made a lot of deep sense to you, you really felt those statements. I’m excited for your comments and your questions about this video, and as always, please know there’s hope for all of this, more than hope.

Welcome to Thrive Membership

A 10-week program for anyone who wants to heal the trauma of abuse, so that they can spread their wings and Thrive.
Next program start date: to be determined
You are destined to Thrive!

We want you to know the deeper truth to all of this, with all our hearts.

Those of us who are abused have so much to offer the world. Not despite what happened to us, but because of what did. Naturally, moving beyond your past and stepping into your beautiful potential can feel near impossible when you’ve been broken down like this.

We know you lost a lot and suffered greatly.

Often you can’t just pick yourself up and get on with your life after experiencing a narcissistic relationship. To move beyond your previously painful experience, to live and love as you yearn to do, requires healing of the traumas and parts of your being still stuck in painful limits and barriers.

We are pleased to introduce our most hands-on program.

Thrive is a 10-week program for anyone who has suffered the trauma of a narcissistic relationship but isn’t Thriving yet.

Here at MTE, we have witnessed people go from the most disastrous breakdowns to the most incredible breakthroughs, and now we want to make that possible for you.

Melanie herself was able to overcome a situation so dire that she nearly drowned. She is now known as a leading expert in recovering from narcissistic abuse. Her programs have helped thousands of people heal in a way that is unlike anything else in the world.

We know that if Melanie and countless men and women from over 120 different countries can break through to not just survive but Thrive, no matter how severe their breakdowns and losses, then you can too!

Would you like Melanie and her team to hold your hand for 10 weeks?

They can uncover what has been blocking you, to generate your real thriver recovery?

If so, it’s our greatest passion to make this happen for you! We know that you need a support team that has experienced exactly what you have, to help you move forward in the simplest and most effective manner!


Learn how to release the residual trauma from the narcissistic relationship, including missing the narcissist or anything that is keeping you stuck and not moving forward.


Tackle abuse symptoms such as PTSD, fibromyalgia, agoraphobia, depression, etc. with targeted healing directly on your subconscious programs.


Achieve a state where narcissists are no longer your reality – meaning you are repelled and impervious to them rather than susceptible to them.


Develop your relationship code to become a magnet for people who are supportive, conscious, and caring. This is a far cry from narcissists!


Learn how to make boundary setting an integral part of your life – people will be asking you for tips on boundary setting!


Establish your Thriver Life and learn how to let go of unhealthy habits like junk food, smoking, drinking, procrastinating, and other self-avoiding and self-sabotaging patterns much more easily.

What are people saying about Thrive?

Trauma is like housework, it piles up if left unaddressed! Your Inner Being has been deeply traumatized as a result of abuse. This means you’ve taken on emotional fractures, creating painful emotional belief systems that are now running your life.

It’s exhausting trying to survive your inner wounds whilst trying to build your new life. So much of your energy is stuck in setting out to overcome depression, anxiety and obsessional thoughts and fears, rather than just be free to go forth and create a Thriver Life.

What is Thrive?

Thrive is a 10-week online mentoring program to turbocharge your abuse recovery and help you achieve your Thriver status after narcissistic abuse.


Every week for 10 weeks, Melanie, and her team will be holding intimate and powerful live Quanta Freedom Healing sessions.

We’ve got you!

If you fall, we’ll catch you. You will be able to ask questions and get help all along the way, whether that be in the live healings, Q&As, or the private Facebook group.


Join with and get to know the other dedicated Thrivers in the community to take advantage of community healing. You will have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with like-minded souls.


In your private members area, you will have access to recordings of all the healings, teachings, worksheets, and exercises. You don’t have to worry about missing a session and can go through the material as many times as you want.

THRIVE Membership

We believe in this program so much that we want you to try it with absolutely no risk.
If Thrive doesn’t propel you forward in your healing journey, then you are entitled to a full refund.
All you need to do is email our support team within the first 30 days of starting the program (with the evidence that you watched the workshops and completed the exercises).

What experts are saying about Melanie’s healing methods

Melanie Tonia Evans knows the personal hell of Narcissistic Abuse up close and personal. More importantly, she has discovered a pathway out of this purgatory – and that is the Quanta Freedom Healing method.
My colleague’s healing – and that of thousands of others – has been greatly speeded up through the incredibly effective work of Melanie Tonia Evans, which I discovered several years ago. I have another friend who, during her divorce, went through Melanie’s NARP program. She would call me every day with her insights, her emotional breakdowns to breakthroughs, and her progress. She, too, is now thriving on every level.

Christiane Northrup MD

Author of Dodging Energy Vampires and The New York Times bestseller Goddesses Never Age
The depth and insight that Melanie Tonia Evans offers to those in the process of narcissistic abuse recovery is unparalleled. The sheer wealth of her wisdom and volume of her warmth and care will have you better in no time, and ensure you graduate forever from giving your power away to someone ever again.

Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT
The New York Times bestselling author of Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One”


Join Melanie and your THRIVE class for 10 illuminating online workshops (each approx 3 hours + Q&A time).


Receive bonus material plus guidance and support from Melanie and the MTE team. Make lasting connections with your Thriver Tribe in the Private Facebook Group.


All your THRIVE material will be stored in your secure member’s area for you to access as many times as you wish.
Program Value
$4995 USD
$495 USD.

OR $175 USD per month for 3 months
Click here for 3 monthly payments of $175 USD

Have more questions about Thrive?

NARP is a 10-step healing system that was first developed by Melanie. It allows anyone to heal from abuse with the Quanta Freedom Healing system at their pace.

In 10 weeks, Thrive addresses the major blocks to Thriver Recovery and includes all new Quanta Freedom Healings, which you can experience live in a group setting.

In short, NARP provides the system to heal at very deep and complete levels at your pace and Thrive gives you the tools to heal in a 10-week time-frame with direct support from Melanie and the MTE team.

If you feel comfortable doing self-help, at your frequency, then NARP is the best starting point. Thrive is for you if you want hands on help to support – now – as a super-boost into your healing.

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