How personal is sex with a narcissist?

When it comes to sex with a narcissist, we must understand that the narcissist has no preference about whom he goes to bed with.

I know exactly how hard it is to get out – despite suffering the horrific devaluing and discarding episodes when you have sex with a narcissist. Especially when dealing with an altruistic narcissist, I remember saying, “If only this could change, it would be perfect!”

Please understand, a love relationship with a narcissist is merely an illusion. It was never real, and it is never going to be.

I hope this article on sex with a narcissist helped you get clear and realize what was happening when you met the narcissist. You can come clear on how to be evident about people who use love bombing on you in the future.

I would love to hear your comments about this article, and I would also appreciate it very much if you pass this information on to help people avoid narcissists in the future.

sex with a narcissist
Tools for your selfhealing

With this article, I have no intention of stigmatising bi-sexual people. Narcissists come in all sizes.

Fortunately, they are exceptions, also among the bisexuals. Although, this is often the label that they ultimately give themselves. You could expect that narcissists are high among bisexuals and transgender people.

I hope my answers to people’s specific trapped feelings have helped grant you hope that there is a way to be released and liberated.

A way to be emancipated from who you were into whom You Really Are.

As you have probably understood – the answer is the same each time.

 We have to be-come the change we seek.

Because when we “be” it, then it will “come.”

That is the key to your life …

Do you have questions, suggestions, or comments?

I’d be happy to answer.

Gepubliceerd door Annemie Declercq

Annemie behaalde aan de Hogeschool Gent een Bachelor diploma in Orthopedagogie. Ze heeft een passie voor het bouwen van groepsluiken werkwelzijn en het gebruikmaken van de goedstoel-methodiek en presentie. Ze werkt al vele jaren in de VDAB om mensen te helpen werk te vinden en te behouden en dit als armoede consulente. Ze houdt van fietsen, boeken, schrijven, wandelen en muziek luisteren. Annemie Declercq is moeder van 3 kinderen, grootmoeder pleegmoeder, plusmama. Ze werkt 34 jaar in de VDAB in Roeselare. Ervaringsdeskundige narcistisch misbruik en zelfgenezer van trauma.

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