Dr. Nicole Lepera: the incredible power of mind and body!

Dr. Nicole Lepera: the incredible power of mind and body!

Dr. Nicole is only 140 weeks on Instagram. She is a psychologist with her practice in Philadelphia. She went to Cornell University. Dr. Nicole was fascinated by the power of the body and mind.

About five years ago, she had some health problems.

She started to pass out randomly. She also had some terrible anxieties, digestive issues, and terrible brain fog. Dr Nicole was in a session with a client and started responding to a story they shared.

Her head went completely blank. She couldn’t even hide it. She had to explain that she had completely lost her train of thought and apologize. It was a dark period in her life.

In her quest to find out what the hell was going on with her, she began studying everything about nutrition, consciousness, sleep, gut health, exercise, and epigenetics. With time and dedication, she healed herself. And she became passionate about sharing everything she had learned.

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It has been a risk for her to change the way she practices therapy.

Giving up the psychoanalytic background was a slow process. To humbly admit that Nicole’s education was lacking so much, and to relearn with an open mind. To step outside a box and not let colleagues “get it.”

Her Instagram and her blog are the results of her truth: people can heal from the label ‘mental illness. For the past three years, she had ideas in her head about how she would present this. 

All she knew was that she wanted to start a community of self-healers.

She wanted to teach people the incredible power of mind and body. She tried to leave an old school model behind to create a new model that speaks to the whole person, with your help.

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The holistic thinking of Dr. Nicole Lepera!

What happens in everyday life has little effect on you. The thoughts and the meanings assigned to those thoughts make the ‘reality. Most people don’t practice creating space between each thought and reaction. 

So, the belief becomes “I AM my thoughts.” This belief is a heavy burden. Thoughts are programmed subconscious reactions by acting authentic or assigning the emotion they bring to your present moment. You are blocking the healing.

Making a new version of yourself means understanding thoughts as separate from yourself. This separation gives you a choice in the reaction and emotions that each study brings.

An example:

A few days ago, Dr. Nicole posted a photo of her cold shower right before jumping in. She shared how much her mind is telling her not to. Even though she’s done it countless times via Stories,

EVERY time she jumps into her mind, it ends in an apology. 

You would think that because she always feels so good afterward and her body benefits a ton from this, her mind would convince her and shut up. But that’s not true. So she practices ignoring those thoughts.

What did she mean by ignoring the ghost?

Here’s the explanation: your brain is an organ. An incredibly selfish organ demands a lot of energy. Because the brain uses more power than any other organ, it is constantly conserving.

When you take a cold shower, only the sensory cold forces your brain to be present. Then you shudder and begin the process of mentally holding yourself in the cold. The brain knows that this takes energy.

So naturally, thoughts come up to help the brain stop you from doing that. You make yourself that you don’t have to listen to them. Ignoring thoughts of resistance is an exercise your body will thank you for.

How do you get through thoughts of resistance?

She hopes to give you all the tools you need, as well as tons of support. You are worth it.

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It doesn’t matter if the narcissist in your life is capable of being “inhuman.” You know that things in the relationship are NOT good, and they are NOT typical. I hope you understand that the more you react to the disordered behavior, the more strength, energy, and life force you give away. Realize this – and that’s what matters!

The narcissist wants to nourish your energy because a narcissist cannot get power from their emotional life force. They MUST be parasites and feed on other people. That to them is what EVERY relationship is REALLY about.

The only way to “meet” these people is to disconnect completely.

The biggest insult to a narcissist is, “You are no longer my reality.”

If this has helped you wake up to what’s going on, then it’s time for you to leave this nightmare and heal. I cannot recommend enough to check out the Anglophone Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP).

You’ve heard many people discuss the fantastic results they’ve had on NARP. This result is because it powerfully and quickly severs the emotional bond with a narcissist and lands you back in the driver’s seat of “yourself” so that you can regain your soul, sanity, and life.

SEE NARP for more information on the menu! As always, I look forward to your comments and questions below.

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