Brand New Music Infused Narp Modules! 3 more days 10% off

I’m so excited to continue telling about the brand NEW Music Infused NARP modules!

We LOVE that Melanie can continue to bring revolutionary Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) upgrades to you for life – completely FREE of charge!

These are only some of the amazing comments we have been continually receiving since this latest upgrade:

Thank you so much for these upgrades – your continual efforts to offer a deeper a more impactful and profound healing experience are so deeply appreciated! I remain committed to regular Quanta sessions and am so grateful for this beautiful work – again, so much appreciation for the whole MTE team!
~ Darcy

Thank you Melanie and your amazing team. Your work is truly appreciated. Your work is helping me heal and awaken.  Your team members are flawlessly compassionate as are you.  I appreciate you all more than you know.

Thank you, this is great. I really appreciate all these extra resources, along with the blog.  Amazing value!

And, to celebrate these beautiful music upgrades, which are deepening and improving people’s already phenomenal NARP healing experience, it is our absolute JOY to offer a very limited 10% discount off the entire NARP Program.

At MTE they are committed to creating the most powerful effective abuse recovery program in the world.


Our promise to you, as a NARP member (which is a one-time ONLY fee), is you will continue to receive upgrades to the program for life – free of charge. 

To claim your 10% discount off NARP just click here, choose the program that suits your needs and enter the coupon code “MUSIC”.


Please note: This offer is ONLY available for 3 more days.


With Love,

Annemie Persyn Declercq

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