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You might have read our articles to you about Melanie Tonia Evan’s upcoming 10-week program called The Thrive Membership Program.

In this boot camp of Melanie will be connecting with an extraordinary group of souls who have decided to make their narcissist-free Thriver life a reality. 

Are you in any way still stuck in the cycle of abusive relationships, or the trauma from past relationships whereby you can’t seem to get your life back to ‘normal’? 

Or maybe you’ve made some great strides in your personal healing journey, but you’ve hit a glass wall?

If so, Melanie can help.

She wants to help make your Thriver recovery a reality with the boot camp of Melanie.

The Thrive boot camp is 10 whole weeks – working on your unconscious barriers that may have been with you your entire life.

Healing your triggers and fears, and then realigning your beliefs and subconscious programs into empowered Thriving, self-honouring ways of “being” that will astound you.

Then you can start completely reversing what you are experiencing and begin moving toward your goals every day.

The best part? You get to do this in the loving healing container of the Thriver Community, with Melanie, her MTE team and hundreds of other supportive souls. 

The boot camp of Melanie is unique because it offers healing for real.

It lights up your true healing path by showing you how to dislodge. The boot camp of Melanie release the trauma that has been deeply wedged in your subconscious. That can literally evolve you beyond abuse. You can lose any attraction or pulls to the narcissist in your life, and create your true Thriving life. 

Please ask yourself, are you at the stage where you are currently thriving? Meaning feeling free, happy to be in your body and in this life and inspired about your future expansions? What is possible for you?

Do you now know how to feel powerful and safe? Have you a great boundary function? Have you the fear of being duped or taken down again?

If the answer is “No”, then Melanie can help you get there with the boot camp of Melanie.

You can become part of the Thriver Tribe, powering your recovery journey up, in ways that you may not yet be able to imagine.

How? By joining the boot camp of Melanie and other global, incredible souls that are committed to thriving.

All you need to do is click this link.

Melanie offers a FULL money-back guarantee so that there is no risk in joining Thrive!

You can come on board of the boot camp of Melanie. If you feel it didn’t help you get the thriving results you seek, you are entitled to a full refund within 30 days of starting the program.

Make your Thriver Life YOUR reality!

Love from Johan and Annemie! xxx

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