A single mother, a single father and single parents.

Success Story: Single mom adopts 5 children.

It was about a decade ago when April decided to adopt. The single mother had two biological daughters but wanted more. And it all started with Elijah.  

When Elijah was an infant, April met him at her neighbor’s house, where he was in foster care.     

“I used to go over there daily and play with him because I wanted a boy so bad,” said April. 

He inspired April to become a foster parent and eventually adopt.

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Appreciating Single Mothers.

Mother’s Day is a week from Sunday.

It’s a day when we honor one of the most important — if not the most important — people in our lives: our mothers.

We take them out for brunch, or dinner, or a walk around the neighborhood and remind them how much we love and treasure.

It is, truly, a day all mothers should be able to enjoy.

Yet, I know there are many mothers out there who, sadly, cannot.

I have always had a soft spot for single mothers.

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How single mom aced Agriculturist Licensure Exam.

Overjoyed with the unexpected results, Casas could only thank God, her parents, and her 8-year-old daughter for inspiring her to push harder and aspire for bigger things in life. 

Eight years ago as a student at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB),

Casas recalled that she was “lost and confused.” She had low self-esteem, and she thought she would not do well in the field of science. 

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Workforce development must include women.

The Women’s Fund listens to many of these mothers. Last year, we conducted a study in which 200 single mothers earning less than $30,000 per year at the area’s largest employers shared their stories.

These women work hard.  Consider:

  • 90 percent work extra hours or a second job to make ends meet.
  • 85 percent used personal or sick days to care for a child.
  • 80 percent reported challenges finding quality childcare.

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Again…We Love Harder.

My son feels the discrimination at the very core of his being and is both scared and appalled.

A 15-year-old with more compassion than the men caught celebrating on camera in front of the world.

Again, I ask, is this the world we now live in? Where privileged white males hold power over others

and use that power against them under the guise of Christianity.

A world where healthcare is necessarily considered a fundamental right but, certainly could and should be considered a privilege with attainable access to it a probability.

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Single father still trying to make end meets.

“I know it is the duty of the parent to provide for the family but if we don’t have money we don’t know what to do next. 

“There are more than six people in our family, and we all depend on my minimum wage. 

 “That’s the way of the Samoan sand we have lived that way for a while. 

But Brown is thankful every day. 

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And seeing your mom striving to make ends meet and growing up with that image will give you the best role model you could ever have. She will help and inspire you to become just like her— maybe an even better version of her—when you grow older.

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Karn Johar Finally Gets Candid About Roohi And Yash, Calls Them His “Biggest Blockbusters”.

While I stare at them in wonder. But I can’t get over the fact that they are mine.

It’s like a power switch has suddenly come on in my life,

filling the emptiness in my personal space with new energy. I get teary-eyed just looking at them.

It’s surreal to think of them as my daughter and son. 

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Activity holidays for single-parent families.

 Five thrill-seeking holidays for single-parent families, offering water sports, bike rides – and endangered turtles.

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Imelda May opens up about feeling ‘crap’ after marriage split and coping as a single mum.

Imelda and Darrel share custody of their four-year-old Violet. She reckons to be a single father would be more difficult than being a single mother.

Imelda said: I may be just speaking for myself, but I think that women do most of it anyway.

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Liz Da Silva Says Being a Single Mother is Interesting.

First, it’s very interesting being a mother, but it’s not easy being a single mother. However, at the same time,

I am very happy about seeing my son around me. That gives me joy from within. Seeing him is a sort of encouragement for me.

I love him so much.

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Being Single— Yearning, Prayer, Surrender, and Fulfillment.

I’ve been contemplating my own single womanhood and single motherhood a lot lately, in a particularly focused way.

It’s interesting to consider the stigma and widespread story around “being single”, as well as the real struggles,

honest loneliness, and unmet yearning a single life can include.

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IT’S a problem common to nearly all parents, how do you get the little ones off to sleep?

But one dad has found a way to get the kids all tuckered out before a flight.

Footage uploaded to photo sharing site, Imgur, reveals his technique.

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If you are a single mother, this advice will definitely make your day.

Singer Vicky Kitonga, who is also a single mother, took to social media to encourage all single mothers with an emotional post asking them not to give up on their kids.

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This Single Mom Turned Her Life Around & Proved Federal Benefits Are Necessary.

So the next time someone wants to tell you that everyone who uses welfare and food stamps is just freeloaders who don’t want to help themselves… don’t even?


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Cancer Benefit Raises Money For Single Father.

Family members held a benefit at Goodfellow’s Pub in Mansfield Saturday afternoon for Chris Urwin, 35, of Clearfork. 

Urwin was diagnosed 7 months ago with Stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma. He has been through chemotherapy treatments twice and is now phasing into radiation therapy. 

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